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Welcome Again!

I will repost my Electronica mix sometime in the near future once again, but I thought I would christen the site (again) with the new and improved Ohio mix, because the Cincinnati Bengals are in first place!  Is it chilly?  Because, obviously, hell has frozen over. 

  Without further adieu, I present you with the fabulous Ohio Mix!  (Southwestern Ohio mix if you want to get specific!)

Game of Pricks Guided By Voices
Let Me Go On Seabird
The Little Patton The Seedy Seeds
The Bellhop Pomegranates
Apartment Story The National
Satisfy My Mind The Greenhornes
66 Afghan Whigs
Show Me Over the Rhine
Shallow Grave Messerly and Ewing
Balloon The Simpletons
Airborne Wussy
All This TIme Heartless Bastards
Laughter Tax Shrug
Nervous Wreck Promenade
Crosseyed Bad Veins
Last Night It Snowed                     
Ass Ponys

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