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Title: Victory of the Daleks
Episode: 03 Season: 05
Summary: They're Baaaa--aaaack!

So, let's not pretend this week's big bad is some kind of mysterious thing of mystery like the last one. Y'know, since it was in the 'next week' preview, and also the title of this episode. I think we can be pretty ready for some Extermination to go down.

Well, we're opening up in the command room during some kind of battle. This particular operator is the focus. She says "If Wishes Were Kisses" to nobody in particular...perhaps somebody over the headset. I'm not sure. I looked this up by the way, that a regular phrase that is used while coordinating plans in the middle of a blitz?

I don't know, but it is a Perry Como song apparently. It's a love song about the one lover being sad and wishing the other one was still with them. And that is the only reference (aside from Doctor Who Recaps) that I can find about this phrase, so that's what I'm going to assume this lady is talking about.

Some other woman bursts in with news of Squadron 41... This must be bad news, because according to our "Wishes" girl, that's "Reggie's" squadron. Uh, Oh. Too bad, he was just one squadron away from the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.

I didn't exactly catch what this woman said when she burst in, or what it means, but this is look of: "I'm Sorry for your loss" Way to start this episode off on a high note!

So Churchill comes in and he wants to know what the damage is. The bad guys are apparently out of range of normal weaponry but they have a "Secret Weapon"

Everybody nods in agreement, and a mini-dalek action figure gets pushed across the map.

The TARDIS materializes in some unoccupied room.

A red buzzer lights up in Churchill's office. Apparently it's a Doctor alert or something, because he looks pleased.

Did I say Unoccupied? I meant, full of guns. Welcome to Earth!

It's Churchill looking all grumpy behind the guns. I don't know if we're supposed to think he's not happy to see the Doctor because: A. He's the one who called and B. He just looked happy about it two seconds ago.

And the Doctor looks pretty happy to be there too!

The Doctor offers his hand, but Churchill just makes a give it here gesture instead. What is it that he wants.

The TARDIS key, of course! Hahaha. No.

Gosh. If only the Doctor was just passing out TARDIS keys willy-nilly. Think of the possibilities that kind of power could bring? Alas, Churchill wonders if he's going to have to take it by force.

The Doctor would like to see him try! Haha! Okay. Enough of this playful banter since the Doctor isn't ever going to just hand over the keys to the castle, and Churchill is totally not going to try because I doubt he's the real bad guy since that would be *spoiler* the Daleks.

Amy's just as excited about history as she was about the future, and as it turns out the TARDIS is about a month late. That was when Churchill actually called. (Also, Wishes girl is getting some requisitions signed. Just throwing that in because they keep showing her so she has to have something to do with something, right? Riiiiiiight? RIGHT?)

I guess her name is Bree . Churchill notes that she looks particularly distressed. That's nice that he noticed, but she plays it off like her boyfriend didn't just get shot down or something.

She shares a little smile with Amy, so she must be relevant to this plot. Surely.

Amy's fluttering around Churchill's shoulder now as he's declaring that they're going to give the next enemy wave the What For!

But first, to show something to the Doctor.

Up the Old Tyme lift, and Churchill puffs smoke right at the Doctor's face.

He prefaces the surprise reveal of the secret weapon with a speech about how their backs are up against the wall with the war at this point and they'll take any advantage they can get. Naturally, this has the Doctor suspicious.

This is Edwin Bracewell, and he's in charge of the "Ironsides" project.

A bomb goes off nearby. Yes. This is war by the way.

We've got balloons and everything.

Yeah. They're not so excited about this little excursion to the past anymore.

Eddie gives the order and the secret weapons fire on the incoming planes. They're LASERS. Well, that technology seems a little advanced for this day and age.

And it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Well, Eddie looks pleased with himself.

But the Doctor has alarm bells going off in his head now, because that just isn't human.

The Doctor demands to know what that was. He has an idea, but it just can't be possible...

Uh, oh!

The Doctor asks the ironside/Dalek what it's doing there helping out Britain in WWII.

"I am your Soldier" It says.

Say what now? You don't want to exterminate anybody?

Naturally the Doctor is even more freaked out by this strange behavior than an actual Dalek on the rampage. He wants it to stop playing pretend.

Alas. This Dalek has no idea who the Doctor is.

Well, Eddie's going to clear things up. He calls it an Ironside.

The Doctor cannot believe this shit.

Eddie instructs this Ironside that he is to help the allied forces until the Nazis are defeated, and the Dalek is all -Yes, Sir!-

The Dalek is prompted for its primary objective, which is now: "To Win the War."

The Doctor is still not believing this, because he knows their primary objective is "Extermination" Everything about this is just wrong.

Back inside Churchill and The Doctor are having a for real argument this time:

Doctor: DALEKS!!!!
Churchill: IRONSIDES!!!!!!

They cannot agree on this.

Churchill is under the impression that Eddie was the sole genius creator of these things, and he won't hear a word to the contrary.

The Doctor screams No, no, no!!! in response to that, and Amy helpfully pipes in that maybe Eddie did make them because he's Scottish after all, which means he's totes a genius of course.

He shushes Amy and tries a different approach. Instead of yelling No and stamping his foot, he gets very serious and tries to explain what the Daleks really are, and that they must be up to some kind of shenanigans.

One of them has a little spy in on the proceedings while the Doctor tells the story.

Meanwhile, Churchill is pleased that they're hostile since he figures that will help him win the war. I guess the Doctor is underplaying the whole Menace to Society that the Daleks present.

He even has a poster ready to go! (I want one!)

The Doctor is done pleading his case now and instead just wants to know why Churchill bothered wasting his time if he wasn't going to listen anyway. Valid question, but I think we all know he would have wound up there anyway regardless.

Well, that was a month ago when he called and things have changed! He's all excited about the power that these things will bring and the advantage they will give him.

The Doctor's like: No! Exterminate!

Dang. There are Daleks all up in this joint!

Finally, the Doctor turns to Amy for help, but she's at a loss and doesn't know what he wants her to say.

He just wants her to tell Churchill about how evil the Daleks are since she's lived through an invasion. Amy, however, has never even heard of Daleks before, and that is impossible even for living in as small a town as she does. The plot thickens!

The Doctor Ponders what these Daleks have up their...uh...plungers

this time.

Amy doesn't know to be afraid of Daleks yet, so like an impetuous child, she just rolls on up to one and taps it on the shoulder, as the Doctor becomes dadly again and calls her by her entire first name.

The Dalek is still in benign mode though and it's all -How May I Help You? Would You like Fries with that?-

Amy just straight up asks it if it's a dangerous alien. It tells her again that he's just your average soldier workin' for his country. Then he's done with these useless questions because he has duties to perform. We are indeed, in bizarro world now.

There's another scene in which the Doctor tries to convince and Churchill's ignores him because he wants to win this war. He gives an impassioned speech about how terrible it is every day to be getting bombed and having his citizens dying out there in the streets.

This is way worse than the Luftwaffe though.

But the Doctor keeps on failing to make his point, because right now nothing seems worse than what is happening and Churchill doesn't know how much longer it can go on, even after the Doctor calls him a shining beacon of hope.

Churchill wants to use the Daleks and put a stop to it now. They are interrupted by a Dalek offering assistance and the Doctor gives him the Minute Finger.

The Doctor again tries to explain how bad the Daleks are, but Churchill has made up his mind.

Amy comes to find the Doctor once Churchill has stormed away and the all clear siren sounds. His first question to her is "What does hate look like." This has her back on her heels, because what kind of a question is that? Not a hi, how are you or anything?

Looks like this by the way.

The Doctor is going to prove it too! Later, in Eddie's office, a Dalek is offering him tea.

The Doctor shows up to admire his work, and Eddie says he's just doing his duty. Amy's in tow to cheer for Scotland being awesome.

The Doctor asks him where he gets all his brilliant ideas. Seems he just woke up one day and they were teeming in his head like little idea minnows.

He shows the Doctor Ideas on Gravity bubbles and interstellar flight. I'm sure this won't come into play later on in this episode. Nope. Not at all.

The Doctor wants to know if these were indeed Eddie's brain children, or if they're actually coming from the tea making Daleks here. Eddie insists that they're his and his alone.

The Doctor is very suspicious of this, and tells Eddie that the Daleks are death, whatever they're up to. Churchill chooses this moment to burst in and rain on his parade.

They are death. Death to the Nazis! Churchill has it all figured out already despite fifty bajillion million warnings already. I guess you don't have a face that people listen to, Doctor.

Aside: That machine behind him... it reminds me of the Shocky machine in the Return to Oz! Ooo, I need to hook up my VHS because I want to watch that bonanza of crazy again!

Basically the Doctor has had it up to his ears with nobody listening to his warnings and when the Dalek offers tea he becomes engraged and swipes the whole cup and saucer onto the floor. Everyone thinks he's gone insane.

He goes off, screaming at the Dalek and asking what it wants. It merely wants to win the war. It looks as confused as a Dalek can look when the Doctor asks it which war it's talking about. WWII, or the Dalek's war with everything and everybody ever.

In a last attempt at getting the Dalek to reveal its true nature, the Doctor thwacks it on the dome with a giant wrench.

Aaaand, the Doctor mercilesly pounds away at the Dalek while everybody around him pleads for him to stop with the crazy.

Amy is pretty much scared of this seemingly irrational and insane version of the Doctor, and Eddie hops around and "protests" (if he were on space UK he'd be in a giant mouth right about now.)

The Doctor tries to taunt the Dalek into exterminating him.

Amy steps in front of him and tries to stop him, because she doesn't want him to hurt himself or something. The Dalek keeps on insisting that it is merely a docile servant to the human race.

The Doctor runs down a breif history of the Doctor v. Daleks

He reiterates that he is the Doctor and they are the Daleks then gives the thing one last boot to the head.

The Dalek that just got beaten up confers with the other one and they replay the Doctor's "Testimony" So, they're Mormon now?

Well, this particular verbiage has got the Doctor even more on edge.

Uh, Oh! They have sent the Doctor's testimony up into their Dalek spaceship that his hanging out behind the moon.

Apparently this space egg has something to do with it.

The Doctor warns them all back as the Daleks chirp about the testimony being accepted, and Eddie calls in the Marines.

Oh, Shit!

Somehow they're all surprised that this just happened, even though this venerable space alien called the Doctor, who has saved the human race's butts on more than one occasion, has been hopping up and down and doing everything he could to tell them that... This is exactly what was going to happen for the entire first part of this episode.

Eddie is practically apopoleptic.

Eddie argues with the actual Dalek about whether or not it's a Dalek. He thinks it is impossible since he created them, but the Dalek is like -Think Again! Hah! Hah!- And De-hands him.

OMG! Eddie is an Android! (<--That is the name of my new band by the way)

The Daleks chant "Victory!" even though they haven't actually won anything yet.

And they teleport away.

Amy wants to know what the hell just happened. Seems like the Doctor has fallen right into their evil plungers.

The little flashy egg lights flash faster and faster, as does the music of impending doom.

Alright! Phase II. What is that now? I don't know but it has something to do with the Egg (aka. Premogenetor) I'm calling it Eggy.

The Doctor is all -testimony-testimony!-MY TESTIMONY- Amy trails along after him all excited for another adventure and totally not grasping the gravity of the situation. The Doctor tells her to stay here in the Blitz while he goes off to fight the Daleks. Because it's actually SAFER here during the Blitz. She's not happy about the prospect of getting bombed.

Amy wants to know what's next on the platter now that she's stuck in the past with Winston Churchill.

KBO he says. "Keep Buggering On"

Meanwhile the Doctor has found the Dalek ship.

Earth is catching up though. Bree comes by with news about a UFO! Just in time!

Well, Amy and Churchill are deffinitely going to start conspiring about how to help the Doctor now that they know where he is. Because of course he's on the UFO. Where else would he be?

Elsewhere a light flashes on and a member of the old gaurd (Literally) tells someone to shut it off. They can't have lights blazing when bombs are flying. It goes off. For now.

Up in the Spacship the final phase commences. Whatever that means.

There's the Doctor! He's ready for that Tea now.

EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! Aha! It took 100 Screenshots, but we're finally out of bizarro-world.

But Wait! The Doctor has a TARDIS self-destruct button! No Extermination for you, Daleks.

The Daleks call his bluff. They are no fools.

The Doctor calls the Daleks calling his bluff. But don't scan it! That's cheating! The Daleks back off.

The Doctor tells the story of how these particular Daleks managed to fall back through time or something in this one last POS spaceship. Now they are crippled and on their last legs...err...tentacles? Wheels? Hovering Pepperpot Outer Shells?? Though they somehow managed to cobble together an entire frikkin' android that is awesome enough to trick people into believing it's a human genius.

Well, you see, they picked up Eggy over there, which is the past and their future and...stop me when this starts making sense.

But what is it FOR? Tell the laymen out there in the audience, please...

It contains pure Dalek DNA. Oh, shit. So that thing actually is kind of an egg? That sort of zaps all the snark out of my nickname doesn't it?

The Doctor still needs help understanding this master plan though, because if they got all the DNA to renew the Dalek race...why fool the humans down there by bulding Eddie and pretending to be all subsurvient?

But the Doctor comes to an epiphany quickly enough. These Daleks were too impure for Eggy, so it wouldn't work for them. The only way it would recognize them was for the Doctor to tell it that they are in fact for real Daleks. That was his testimony!

The plunger plunges the plungey thing.

The Doctor doesn't like this, so he threatens to blow them all up again.

The Daleks threaten to destroy London, but the Doctor knows they can't do that with this ship... The Daleks are like -haha! We don't need to. They'll do it for us!- Yes, we do have a sort of penchant for blowing eachother off the map.

They light London up like a Christmas tree. The Better for Nazis to see them with.

Amy knows this must be the Dalek's doing.

Churchill instructs John Cleese to turn off the lights already. They are sitting ducks!

Amy looks around at the war room in action, and notices Bree. Again. She's totally relevant to the plot, right?

Amy doesn't want to sit around on her thumbs while the Germans blow them away though.

Sudenly she has a brillaint brainstorm about how to fight the Daleks. Churchill is dubious.

Meanwhile, the Doctor still hasn't realized that the time for bluffing has passed.

Go Away, Doctor! Their great victory is not winning any sort of battle here on Earth, but by repopulating their species back in the past.

NONONONO!!! The Doctor sure does a lot of ineffectively shouting "NO" in this episode.

Some kind of buzzer sounds. The new Daleks are finished cooking!

Hey! It looks like the Daleks got a new marketing department, since the New Dalek Paradigm comes in your choice of colours! I want an orange one!

Well, the Doctor doesn't like this one bit.

Meanwhile, back in the lair...Churchill and Amy arrive just in time to stop Eddie from ending himself.

He just can't get over the fact that the Daleks made him and his life was a lie...even though he still has memories.

Frankley, M'Dear, Churchill doesn't give a damn about your extistential crisis, Eddie. You're either with us or against us, so Man up! We don't care if you're an adroid.

Amy wrests the gun from him and gives him a pep talk. It's do or die time. They need his special Dalek infused idea minnows to help the Doctor.

She thinks Missiles and the Hypersonic Gravity Whatzits might be a good jumping off point.

Churchill does that think where he thinks something is a silly idea until he thinks of the exact same idea himself seconds later.

Or Better yet, the could theoretically send something into space in a gravity bubble.

Meanwhile the Old drab, boring coloured Daleks are worshiping these shiny new surperior ones.

They agree. These old Daleks suck. Time for TOTAL OBLITERATION!

Yeah. Bet you didn't see that one coming, did you, guys? The Doctor wonders what they do to the ones that don't worship them.

They threaten extermination but the Doctor pulls out his ace again.

Once again, back in the war room, the only operative we're going to focus on is Bree, which means she must play a vital role in defeating the Daleks, right?

So, the bubbles are almost ready to go, and Eddie has rigged up a radio tuned to the "All Dalek, All the Time" frequency.

The White Dalek is seems to be the one in charge, and the Doctor kind of pokes fun at his paint job.

The Bubbles are ready.

Release the Bubbles, John Cleese!

Upstairs the Daleks and the Doctor are at an impasse.

Uh-Oh! They ran a scan. That's cheating! These new Daleks are just that much worse than the old ones. It turns out that the Doctor does not have a self-Destruct for the TARDIS.

It's a Jammy Dodger actually. (Which is a delicious shortbread biscuit (aka: Cookie) with, that's right--you guessed it, Jam in the middle.) He had it ready for the Dalek tea he was expecting on this trip.

Well, Extermination is avoided for now, because there is some shit flying towards them from earth which has the Daleks worried, because... how is that possible in the forties?

The Doctor is similarly perplexed at this wild turn of events.

The Daleks cannot believe this shit. They demand an explanation.

Somehow, the incoming projectiles get on the frequency that broadcasts directly to the speakers on the Dalek bridge here. The Doctor whoops in excitement. Way to kick some space ass, Churchill!

My. My. It seems as if the things they have rocketed into space in a space bubble are...fighter pilots! This one is Danny Boy.

Somehow, they are able to communicate back and forth and the Doctor instructs Danny Boy to take out the Dalek's Direct TV. I mean, satalite dish. It is the thing that is keeping the lights on.

The Daleks won't stand for this! They waste no time trying to exterminate the Doctor, but he's a squirrely fellow and narrowly makes his excape.

She wishes the boys good luck on destroying the dish.

They wait in anticipation for some good news, but alas. They have lost one of their own.

A lingering close up on Bree, and John Cleese informs us that the beam is still on.

Another man down, and not only that, but the dish also seems to have a forcefield of some sort.

The Doctor has to go in and disrupt the shields so Danny Boy can get a clear shot.

He shoots! He Scores!

Daleks go flying across the bridge.

Direct hit! Woowoo! There are cheers in the war room.

Meanwhile, London is bathed in darkness again and the old gaurd is releived.

No more Mr. Nice Doctor. Danny Boy is still out there and the Doctor orders him to Blow shit up. No more Daleks! Bye, Bye, Forever!

The Daleks tell him to call off the attack or Earth will perish.

Oh, but the Doctor knows he's bested them. They have no more aces up their plungers.

Edwin Bracewell is a bomb.

Noooooooooooooooo! We like Eddie!

The Doctor thinks they're bluffing and he eyerolls at their lack of bones.

Ah, but Eddie has an Oblivion COntinum in him. I can only assume that creates Oblivion, which is a game that never ends, so that sucks.

The Doctor's in a pickle because this is his best chance to rid the world of Daleks forever.

The Doctor has a choice: The Earth dies, or the Daleks live and become hard, better, faster, stronger (and more colourful)

The Doctor chooses Earth! He calls off Danny boy.

The Daleks scoff at the Doctor's compassion aka: Weakness according to them. They're going to detonate the Eddie anyway.

The Doctor runs into the lair and punches Eddie in the face without warning.

Eddie, understandably, can't believe he's a bomb too. It was bad enough when he found out he was an artificial intelligence.

In case you were wondering, an Oblivion Continum is like a Wormhole in your Soul... If it goes off the Earth will end up in another Dimension and who knows what that would bring. (Cheetah People?)

He opens up Eddie's chest panel.

Meanwhile the Daleks prepare to time jump in 30 units of Dalek measurement.

So, what now? He's got no wires to cut. He's all bomb. Just what he wants to hear right now. In other words: The Doctor has no clue, and Amy's not helping.

Churchill may have inadvertently stumbled upon the answer though when he tells the Doctor about Eddie sharing his memories with them only minutes before.

The Doctor wants Eddie to tell him all about his memories. Eddie does not think this is the time or place for that, but the Doctor wants him to prove he's really human.

The Daleks count down.

He came from a family of postmen.

The Doctor needs more than stories about the post office though. He needs something more potent. What about his parents?

Oh, they were cool, but they died, and the Doctor has to wring every emotion out of that. Eddie is upset, of course.

But he's still counting down.

The Doctor wants him to remember WWI, and the death and dying, but it seems like something is percolating in Amy's brainspace since this particular line of emotion doesn't seem to be working. What could be more powerful than sheer terror and utter despair?

FOr some reason the Bomb will not go off if Eddie can brove he's a real boy. The whole pain and suffering angle is still not doing the trick though.

The Doctor finishes his speech and Eddie gets another red triangle.

The Doctor is at a loss, but Amy has something up her sleeves. She asks Eddie if he's ever fancied someone he shouldn't.

Eddie's last triangle stops going red and it turns back to yellow. He doesn't want to kiss and tell, but he's remembering her fondly.

The Doctor looks on, enthralled. He gets it now, and he asks her name. It was Dora Bella. Eddie's final triangle goes blue and then the next one goes from red back to orange.

And Eddie goes entirely blue as he remembers Dora Bella.

Oblivion has been canceled. Sorry.

Yay! Eddie is officially human now or something.

Everyone is brilliant! Amy earns a kiss on the forehead.

Now to stop the Dalkes, but Eddie says it's too late. He can feel that they have gone.

The Daleks vow to return and disappear into time. They shall live to exterminate another day.

Well, the Doctor doesn't like this one bit.

Amy tries to console the Doctor, but he's having none of it.

Yes, by continuing to exist the Daleks have won.

He finally gives in to the consoling and admits that saving the Earth isn't such a bad thing and Churchill offers him a cigar.

It's morning and the troops raise the flag.

Later, in the war room, Bree has a breakdown.

Nope, Reggie didn't make it, sadly. Nope, this had nothing to do with the plot, other than to show that war is horrible but we must keep on keeping on, I suppose.

The Doctor reappears and tells us that he's removed all of Eddie's alien tech. Churchill, once again, tries to convince the Doctor to let him use it anyway, but alas. That's not happening.

They have to perservere and see it through even though it's going to be hard. Churchill tries to convince the Doctor that they need him to stay, but the Doctor tells him that the Earth doesn't need him right here and now. Not when they have Churchill.

It's okay. Churchill knows he's right. Hugs!

He sas goodbye to Amy and walks away, but not before she ask him for the TARDIS key that he pickpocketed from the Doctor.

He hands it back over and compliments Amy on her sharpness.

So, Eddie has been expecting the Doctor and he's waiting in his lair all dramatic-like.

Eddie thinks it's time for deactivation, which surprises the Doctor, because he had no intentions of doing that apparently. He plays along anyway.

Yes, as soon as the Doctor gets back in ten or fifteen minutes he's totally deactivating you.

Or Maybe Twenty. Yeahhhh. That's it.

Eddie doesn't get that the Doctor is giving him an out.

The Doctor tells him not to go runing off to the post office to find Dora Bella or anything like that while he's gone on this half hour trip.

Yeah! That's the ticket! No deactivation for you, Mr. Bracewell!

The Doctor and Amy say goodbye and Eddie imediately begins to pack his suitcase with circuit cards and various sundries.

So the Doctor and Amy compare enemies on their way back to the TARDIS. Amy's is a neighbor with a mental dog, and the Doctors are "Like Arch Enemies"

Amy realizes that this time travel buisness is indeed dangerous now. I'm surprised that almost being eaten by a space whale didn't clue her in.

Danger is Amy's middle name though. The Doctor isn't going to get rid of her that easily.

Amy can tell he's worried about the Daleks, but that's not the most worriesome thing to him. It's the fact that she doesn't remember them that's worrying.

It's off they go as the TARDIS dematerializes it reveals the crack it's been hiding in the wall behind it.


River Song!


And the Weeping Angels make a comeback.

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