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What the World Needs Now is ... More Vampires.

Title: Vampires of Venice
Season: 05 Episode: 06
Summary: The Problem with Space Fish

Meanwhile...In 1580 in Venice

Runnin' With the Angels

Title: Flesh and Stone
Season: 05 Episode: 05
Summary: It's only Gravity

We start where we left off. The Doctor has shot at the spaceship and set off an explosion...his team jumped and now...well now they are upside on the bottom of the ship. I'll spare you the technical details of how this happened.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Title: The Time of Angels
Season: 05 Episode: 04
Summary: Just add River.

Whoa, the whole world is spinning around this young dude with lipstick on his face as well as a glazed over expression. Clearly something is wrong with him, or something is right with him. Either way...

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