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What the World Needs Now is ... More Vampires.

Title: Vampires of Venice
Season: 05 Episode: 06
Summary: The Problem with Space Fish

Meanwhile...In 1580 in Venice

We open with this fine fellow looking to find a better life for his daughter.

This lady has some kind for something that will somehow offer that.

He is a boat builder and the only hope Isabella has to rise up from this working class status is

this woman right here. She believes the children our future.

Isabella is his world! The Signora accepts her into the school. Oh. How nice.


Signora instructs them to say goodbye. Time is a' tickin'. No time to lose! Time is running out

after all.

They were not prepared to be parted so quickly!

Dad is escorted out and Isabella is left all alone with the scary people.

Signora instructs her to step into the light.

She and her companion here circle around her like hungry wolves...or hungry something else's.

Vampires perhaps?

Whoa! Look at those teeth. Francesco likes her!

Isabella screams in terror as would I.

Cut to Rory screaming into a phone at a pub in present day England.

It's Rory's stag night, and he's leaving Amy messages telling her how much he loves her. I think

he might be a little bit drunk...and adorable. Adora-Drunk.

Just pointing it out that this is the third stag party/hen night I've noticed in the Whoniverse

where everybody is wearing matching outfits. In Torchwood there was the Dudes with Antlers in Day

One, and Gwen with her pink cowboy hats, and now Rory with his Team Rory/Amy shirt.

Is this just how it's done in the UK? Or Am I going to the wrong Bachelorette parties?

In any case, Rory has to go now because he's got a stripper cake ready to go!

Oh, well. THAT certainly must be a disappointment for these barking dudes. Maybe not the one in

the leather jacket.

Rory shakes his head in disbelief.

The Doctor looks around and finally spots Rory. He's thankful he hasn't jumped out of the wrong

cake (again) and tells the guys to let the stripper in and give her a sweater while they're at it.

This random dude cannot believe this shit.

so, the Doctor says he needs to have a talk about Amy, and Rory looks down at his shirt all

bashful-like and smitten.

Until the Doctor reveals that she tried to kiss him. That wipes the goofy smile of Rory's face

really fast.

This draws gasps from the whole crowd and the Doctor is not helping when he congratulates Rory for

snagging Amy, what with her amazing kissing skillz.

This Random Dude does not approve.

Well, the Doctor's embarrassed now that he's pretty much completely humiliated poor Rory at his own

stag party.

Later, the Doctor is below deck in the TARDIS explaining to Rory and Amy how the wonder and glory

of the universe in all it's awesome awesomeness can blind people to the really important things in

life...such as love...the stuff. I seemed like Amy had cold feet before the glory and

the wonder of the universe came back into her life.

Basically, the Doctor doesn't really want to see Rory and Amy's relationship dissolve because Amy's

out there doing amazing things, such as getting puked up by a space whale, and Rory's stuck at

home...doing whatever he does now. Nursing the sick back to health or something boring like that.

So...the Doctor's going to send them on a date to wherever in time they want to go as long as it's

some place incredible.

The Doctor is all ready to impress Rory with his bigger on the inside box now, but Rory undercuts

him and deduces that there's another dimension involved before the Doctor can say it himself. He

is completely unimpressed since he's been reading up on all the latest theories since the P-Zero

incident, and basically looks like he's ready to murder the Doctor right where he stands.

The Doctor likes it when people are impressed though! "It's bigger on the inside!" is his

favorite phrase or something.

Instead of letting the two lovebirds figure out a place, the Doctor decides to send them somewhere

romantic. A place where goats roam the streets.

Venice! Tada!

The Doctor gives us a rundown of the history of Venice while they walk. The important thing to

bring away from this conversation is that Casanova owes the Doctor a chicken.

They are accosted by a man asking for their proof of residency and the Doctor flashes the psychic

paper at him

He's an alien checker...not the space alien kind (Though maybe he should be, all things

considered.) In any case he's there to make sure none of the foreigners bring the plague into

Venice. The Doctor thinks this is strange.

Amy has no problems playing along with the psychic paper as the Viscountess. Rory is confused as

hell and gives her the look of WTF?

The Alien catcher explains that the city is walled off because of Signora Calvieri. We can assume

we know who that is even though her name wasn't spoken in the intro.

And check out the sea-serpent on her crest.

Seems this Calvieri chick has come to Venice spreading the story of the plague of

the world and that is why the city is closed for business. The Doctor is still confused, because

there shouldn't be plague running rampant at this point in history.

They head off with the Alien catcher...Amy right behind the Doctor. Rory snags the Psychic paper

and is dismayed to find that he has been elected the Viscountess' Eunuch. Oh, dear.

Meanwhile at Signora Calvieri's school for creepy pale girls...

Our Intrepid explorers head to an area overlooking a canal...and incidentally the Calvieri school

where the girls and marching around the courtyard across the way.

Isabella's dad has come to rescue her!

But the Other girls rally around to his at him and knock him to the ground.

Francesco arrives on the scene looking as bat-like and skeevy as ever, to inform dad that his

daughter is gone forever now.

Amy turns to ask the Doctor what the deal is, but he's nowhere to be found. She hates that.

Rory just looks annoyed.

The Doctor catches up to Dad so he can ask what the big deal is with this Calvieri school.

Dad explains that there is an unspecified evil afoot, and that is why he was trying to get his

daughter out.

The Doctor is all up in it now. He's going to pay Signora a visit!

There she is, slurping down a goblet of something. She's staying hydrated.

Francesco arrives so he can put his head on Mummy's knee and pout about the Dad who tried to

rescue Isabella that afternoon. He doesn't want to wait for their undisclosed evil plan to unfold

any longer!

He wants to introduce the mysteriously converted girls to his brothers...whoever they are.

Signora is the one with the plan though. She's going to stick with it instead of unleashing

Francesco and the converted girls on the general population. He's sad because he wants to go on a

converting spree.

She would rather they come to her and beg to be taken rather then taking them by force. She's a

biatch like that I guess.

Francesco mopes in a corner.

Meanwhile, Amy and Rory are left to their own awkward devices. He wants to know what the hell

she's been up to.

Running through hallways terrified for her life basically.

Rory wants to know if she even missed him though. He can't look her in the eye right now, and she

gives him the ol' friendly arm-punch and tells him she knew she'd be back....Really, girl? An Arm-

Punch? Again, I volunteer for hug duty.

Rory is still Annoyed and angry with her and says the doctor was right and she has lost touch of

the little important things.

Amy doesn't want to talk about important things right now though. She wants to go on their date

and ignore any and all of their problems.

Rory caves almost instantly. He finally takes it in...that they are chillin' in Venice in the

1580's. Good times!

And Francesco creeps in the corner as they pass.

This unfortunate soul has come along at just the wrong time to offer just the wrong...person some


He declines, but doubles back and catches her under the archway.

Meanwhile Rory is getting ready to snap more unbelievable things on his camera phone. (This is

when the coma patients were walking around! And this is when me and Amy vacationed in 1580!)

The screaming flower girl interrupts them though.

They catch Francesco in the act of sucking her blood!

He shows his teeth and runs away...Rory's first instinct: Check the girl...see if she's okay.

Turns out that she is.

Amy's first instinct on the other hand? Run after the creepy dude with sharp pointy fangs who

just bit someone on the neck.

She runs into a dead end though.

Where could Francesco be? Hmmmmm. I wonder.

Meanwhile, Dad is still trying to get in.

And the Doctor creeps in the back gate while the guards are distracted.

He immediately finds himself a mirror so he can adjust his bow-tie of awesome.

And check to see if he has something stuck in his teeth...but WAIT!

The girls creepily all at the same time ask who he is, and he just checks in the mirror to make

sure he's seeing their lack of reflection correctly.

He thinks it's awesome though if a little bit creepy.

These ladies do not care for compliments.

The Doctor wants to show them the Psychic paper to satisfy their inquiries as to who he is...but

he shows them his library card instead! (I guess he hasn't been back to that library in quite a


And he still identifies Rory by his most prominent feature instead of his name, because that is

who his psychic paper has run off with.

He's talks out his thoughts about their possibly being vampires and they just tell him to get out

before they tell on him.

The fangs come out.

He tries to get them to tell him their whole plan by...asking. This doesn't work; they just hiss

at him.

He is delighted though, because isn't this just delightful?

Amy and the Doctor meet back up later and do the "OMG! VAMPIRES! YAAAAAY!" Dance of squee.

Rory catches up with them and is not quite as enthused.

The Doctor and Amy start planning on how to foil the evil vampire plans... Rory thinks this is an

insane plan of action.

Back at Dad's house, they learn that the only way back into the Calvieri place is through the sewer

tunnel underneath.

Rory's over here on the barrels of discontent probably wondering what the hell happened to that

date he was promised.

Back over here in the plotting area of the room, Dad tells us about how the doors are locked from

the inside. Amy thinks they need an inside man, but the Doctor shoots her down instantly before she

can explain.

Amy is indignant that she didn't get to explain her brilliant plan, but the Doctor explains that

he's on the same wavelength this time and he's not gonna let her pose as a student at the school for


Rory is displeased with the whole proceeding on the basis of it being totally insane. Amy's like

-whatever dude- She's ready for some more adventurin' now fully recovered from her previous death


Rory begs her to listen to the Doctor if she's not going to listen to him. They both think "No"

right now.

Dad has an idea though!

Dress Rory in drag and make him be the inside man?

Unfortunately not. The Barrels of discontent are full of Gunpowder. Dad wants to blow shit up.

Rory sneaks away from the Barrels of discontent.

The Doctor doesn't want to do that though, and Dad gets frustrated. Amy gets smug because her

idea seems to be the best viable option.

Rory and the rabbit carcass are exasperated.

The Doctor contemplates it for a brief second, but reaffirms that no...Amy's not going to do that.

Rory is unamused.

Amy knows she's in though.

Aaaaand...the Doctor caves.

Rory cannot believe this shit.

Amy just doesn't think the Doctor can pass as her father. He's too young looking, and it would be

too weird for him to pose as her brother.

She proposes Fiancé.

*Scorned* again! Rory, of course, totally understandably likes this part of the plan least of


Ahh, yes. Amy agrees that this plan is faulty. The Doctor can't be her fiancé ... because they

already know what he looks like.

Rory gets nominated to give her away to the vampires now... He is nonplussed, then nonplussed

some more when Amy decides that he gets to play the role of her brother and ruffles his hair.

Oh, Amy. *tsk*

Rory himself wonders how she came to this decision and Dad over here says that he thought the

Doctor was the fiancé for real...which the Doctor agrees is not helping this most awkward situation.

Brother, Fiancé...either way Rory is beside himself, because this whole entire business is totally

insane to him and getting insaner by the minute, because VAMPIRES???!

The Doctor says they can only hope that it's vampires. They are probably more easily staked than

the real menace that's behind the Calvieri school.

Say what, now?

But what could be worse than a vampire?? Oooooo.

So Rory finally concedes to the plan and they arrive at the school all bedecked in 1580's garb.

Rory is her brother and a gondola "driver".

Francesco seems to kind of recognize them though.

Rory babbles on about his face and Amy looking alike (because they're related now.) and Francesco

tells him to shut-up already. Signora Calvieri calls him an imbecile.

Dayum. This has GOT to be the worst date in the history of all dates ever.

Yeah, well she can call him an imbecile all she wants, but he's got refs from the king of Sweden!

Woo! Psychic paper, way to go! Now for Francesco's creepy seal of approval and we're all set!

Francesco approves! We're in!

They are parted as quickly as Isabella and her dad at the beginning of this episode. Amy calls

after Rory to tell "Uncle Doctor" she'll see him soon.

Amy assures him that she'll be fine and Francesco creeps

So, Amy heads off to her new life as a vampirette recruit. The other girls are creeping all

around and giggling creepily at her.

Amy introduces herself to one of the girls that share her new room.

It's Isabella!

Amy reveals herself and explains that she's here for the rescue mission, but she has to know

what's really going on.

So, the Vampires take her to a room with a blue light every night, strap her down and do

something...she doesn't know because she loses consciousness and wakes up in her room. Whatever it

is that they do, it makes sunlight painful to her.

Later, the boys are preparing to rescue Amy. Dad is paddling down the canal in Rory's stag

shirt...because he only has one outfit in his entire wardrobe and Rory had to borrow it.

Rory is still pretty angry that Amy's in perilous danger even though the Doctor assures him that

everything is going to be fine.

Meanwhile...Amy makes her way down to unlock the trap doors and let the boys inside.

Deep in the underground lair of the Vampire castle, with possible danger lurking around every

corner...Now is the time Rory wants to discuss that whole kissing thing that happened between Amy

and the Doctor.

The Doctor thinks he has horrible timing.

Mission Accomplished! Now we all go home?

Oh! Caught Red handed!

While Amy is inside getting capture, the Doctor is outside explaining to Rory why she kissed

him...because she was high on being alive and he was there. He figures if Rory had been there it

would have been him. Then the Doctor's light blows out and they're left in the dark.

The Steward had brought Amy to the blue room, which is actually a green room and the Signora knows

all about their little psychic paper tricks.

Back in the dungeon, Rory is a stepladder.

And Amy is nowhere to be found.

It's still pitch black, but not to fear! Rory has a pen-light.... Sorry to say, Rory, the

Doctor's is bigger.

The Signora questions Amy about who she is exactly, but Francesco thinks that is pointless. He

just wants to vampire her up and get it over with already.

Amy is really in a pickle now as they wheel out a machine, set up an IV and strap her to chair.

Signora isn't taking any prisoners here.

She sinks her teeth into Amy's neck.

Meanwhile, Rory is worried about his possibly not happening now wedding.

The Doctor opens up a coffin and finds a skeleton...which is what you usually find in a coffin.

The Doctor explains that they've been dehydrated.

So, while the Doctor and Rory are dilly-dallying over corpses, Amy's over here being exanguinated.

Francisco wants a bite too! Mummy says to go ahead and knock yourself out, kid.

Rory explains vampire lore to us: They drink blood and replace it with their own? Why,

yes...however, these bodies have had all their fluids drained, not just the blood. These ones did

not survive the process.

This, of course, does not make Rory feel any better about this adventure, or his missing

fiancée/Sister? He admonishes the Doctor, not for making people take risks...but for making them

want to impress him so much that they do it without thought.


Rory continues to make the Doctor feel bad for being a danger to every one around him.

He doesn't have further time to contemplate it though, because the Vampirettes are here! The

Doctor waves them away with his giant torch and then they run!

Back at the buffet, Signora is explaining their evil plan to a barely conscious Amy... Drink the

blood, Replace it with their own, and become inhuman. Or Death.

Amy somehow still has the wherewithal to ask what happens if she doesn't happen to die. Signora

offers up 10,000 husbands waiting in the water. Good times.

Amy tells her that she's Kind of engaged, so that 10,000 husbands thing isn't going to work out

for her. Then she kicks the Signora right in the...

Francesco is quick to react. Nobody messes with his mama.

Ohh! Seems Amy has booted her right in the thing that makes her look like a human-mah-thingy.

This is what she really looks like!

She reverts back to human form and there's a loud racket coming from the hallway as Rory and the

Doctor make the loudest escape ever. She heads towards the noise with Francesco and Steward looks

pretty freaked out by what just happened.'s not the boys that come to rescue Amy! It's Isabella!

The Signora scoffs at the Doctor's clearly effective rescue mission.

They dart of down a side hall and the Signora calls for the house to be sealed.

As they head out Amy tells the Doctor what he thought all along...that they are really aliens

masquerading as vampires.

They think this news is good; Rory still thinks this is insanity.

Finally, they make it outside where it's sunny and Dad is waiting.

There will be no happy reunions though, because the sun burns Isabella's skin and before the

Doctor can make it back to throw a coat over her or something, the Vampirettes drag her back inside!

And the doors are now all electrified.

It's not enough of a shock for a new Doctor just yet though. He's still alive, even though Amy

feared that killed him.


Meanwhile, Isabella is being sentenced to walk the plank. She's under the impression that they're

going to try to drown her...but they're not. No. It's far worse than that.

There are things in this water...Carnivorous things apparently. And then this episode got a whole

lot darker than it started out.

Signora is mighty pleased with herself though, and she sends everybody away.

Francesco stays around to remind Mumsy not to fall in while she's human looking or his 'brothers'

are going to eat her too. We can all guess what it is that's in the pond now, right?

So, the Doctor is back and sitting on her throne when the Signora returns from that execution that

just happened.

She has the Doctor pegged as the owner of the psychic paper, because clearly it couldn't be Rory's since she think's he's a fool.

She also thinks the Doctor must be a refugee. Like Her.

He proposes a question for a question...then tells us all about the filter she's wearing that

makes her look like a human and that it's the reason they have no reflection. There isn't really a question involved yet until she gets impatient...then he just asks her why can they see the teeth then? She explains why...something to do with self preservation overriding the whatsits. Then he asks where Isabella is and she cuts him off because it's her turn.

She asks where he's from and when he tells her she says he should be put in a museum. As for why her people are refugees in the first place?

They ran from the silence.

Silence you say? The silence came from the cracks.

These cracks all behave differently and are different sizes. Some had other worlds inside...some

had silence...some had the end of everything. It seems these guys came through a crack and their

planet was lost behind them.

The Doctor deduces that their plan is to remake the Earth as their own planet and take it over.

Signora wrongly thinks the Doctor is going to side with her on this.

He just wants to know where Isabella is.

She flippantly tells the Doctor that she had to execute her for deserting, which is the totally

wrong thing to say if she really wanted to earn any sympathy at all for the plight of her species.

She still thinks they can form some kind of alliance though. He pretty much shoots her

down...after all she is a big fish and he eats fish with custard.

Yes, she now thinks it probably isn't such a good idea since she is a fish of action and he just

philosophizes all day long. He threatens to end it and sees himself out.

But one more thing before he goes...he's not going to help them, because the Signora didn't even

have the decency to remember the name of the poor girl she executed.

Now that the Doctor has paid her a visit, the Signora is ready to put her plan into motion...but

her thingy is on the fritz ever since Amy kicked it and she keeps turning back into a fish beetle.

Francesco's on edge now.

Back at the ranch, the Doctor is fixing up Amy's neck.

The Doctor has to think for a minute so he hushes Amy when she offers her opinion as to why the Fish people hate the sun.

No time to explain things to Rory either.

Dad still wants to blow shit up most of all, but the Doctor shushes him by proxy.

Let us rehash the evil plot:

Signora creates a bunch of fish-wives people to repopulate the species but then what's she going to do? They can't exactly live on land.

The Doctor remembers something she said earlier...that she would "Bend the Heavens" to save her species.

Sink Venice! He finally realizes that must be her plan all along. Seems like kind of a
hassle...what with the whole of the Earth's oceans and lakes and rivers being pretty wide open and devoid of humans living in them already.

Rory thinks there must be something amiss in this plan...what since you can't repopulate a race with just women... But these are fish people! We aren't taking into the account that they may be hermaphroditic...or maybe they spawn and Francesco's going to be a super busy guy fertilizing all those fish eggs.

Well...regardless of varying other fish breeding methods, it turns out that she does have more than one guy waiting in the wings...she has 10,000 of them. It's the females she's probably short on.

The Doctor isn't too fond of the idea of all the fishmen hanging out in the water just waiting for their new girlfriends.

Suddenly! A Noise! Rory thinks it may be vampires.

They're not vampires, silly! They're fish! From space! Space Fish!

Either is them all floating outside the window being creepy and hissing.

The Doctor shines the light on them, Rory points out that they are now flying, so what the hell?

The Doctor sonics them and they are now fish people again.

They make their escape, and Dad takes over torch duties from the Doctor so they can go...and run over some chickens of unrest on the way out.

Dad goes back inside...but why? The Doctor tries to sonic him out, but it's not working.

He inches towards the barrels of discontent with alit candle...yeah. You know where this is going now. With his only daughter gone and a chance to rid the world of some of the creatures responsible...

This is the look of realization...then the Doctor runs away as fast as he can go.

Dad screams "We are Venetians!" at the fish and...

Kaboom! Goodbye, Dad. :*(

So back at school, Signora pushes a button and smoke goes up into the sky from the school building's tower, causing an instant thunderstorm.

Over here the Doctor realizes that the final phase has commenced.

Amy, of course, wants to foil the evil plot...Rory has totally had enough of this.

The Doctor sends her to her room without discussion. Young Lady!

Amy, not too fond of discipline, stomps away in an angry huff, and Rory thanks the Doctor.

There's Francesco, opening the gates and looking dapper and creepy. He takes his cape off and does

a swan dive into the canal.

The Doctor has come to stop the storm chair!

Signora has come to admire his perseverance in saving this city and then pokes him for abandoning

his own way back when. She's excited about her people rising up once again!

Not for long though, because the Doctor has some bad news. All the girls have been blown up.

She doesn't believe him at first and calls his bluff...this time there are no jammy dodgers though. He's telling the truth. Since her plan is all blown to hell now, the Doctor wonders if she might be interested in not destroying the city after all maybe? She just storms away and tells him to save it his own damn self.

Meanwhile, on the way back to the TARDIS...Rory and Amy meet up with an old friend.

It's Francesco!

Rory is still under the impression that Francesco is an actual vampire. It is a valiant effort


He just plows on through the candlesticks and goes after Amy, who is up against a wall, while Rory

tries to attract his attention.

Rory throws out some insults, including calling Francesco a "Spongebob" which I guess goes to show

that Spongebob transcends all cultural and temporal boundaries. The only insult that does pique

Francesco's interest is when Rory calls his Mum Ugly.

Yes, folks. He may have just saved Amy with a "Your Mom" joke.

Naturally, our Mama's boy turns on Rory really quick, and Rory takes up the broomstick of valor to

defend himself.

He twirls the broom around in hopes of intimidation or...something. Francesco just looks at him

like he's off his nut.

The Chickens of Unrest flutter around then scatter as Francesco expertly whips around his blade of

actual metal that will cut you and make you bleed.

Rory does a pretty good job of parrying Francesco's blows with the stick in the middle of

somebody's stockings.

Ooo, too bad the broomstick of valor is no match for Francesco's impervious...uh skin and clothing.

Amy has a plan though! She needs Rory to lead Francesco over to her... but what to do now that the

broomstick has been lopped in half?

Rory ditches the stick and Francesco goes in for the kill, but gets caught in a sheet, which Rory

then wraps around him.

Rory trips on a cobblestone or his own feet on the way to Amy.

Francesco goes all Space!Fish on him.

But Amy has her compact out and focuses a beam of light right on him.

This instantly vaporizes him somehow. Let's not think about it too hard.

Amy pokes fun at Rory's vampire slaying skillz, then she kisses him finally.

Lives saved? Check. Kisses for the victors? Check. Help the Doctor Now????

Okay then.

Back at the school, the Doctor is trying to figure out how to stop this wicked looking storm from

sinking Venice.

Rory and Amy arrive on the scene!

The Doctor wants to know where this change of heart came from as Rory declares that they're not

going to leave him. No time to explain tough, because the storm is causing earthquakes.

It's not the Earthquakes they should worry about's the tidal waves that they cause that

are the problem. that everyone is on team Doctor again. Rory and Amy's job is to destroy the chair command

hub by any means necessary...even whacking it with a stick. Hey! Rory's an expert at that!

Once they shut it down the power will be re-routed to the secondary hub, also the generator, maybe,

probably...then the Doctor can shut the storm off from there. Hmmm...I wonder where it could be?

The Doctor is up in the bell-tower now, losing his hearing.

Rory and Amy pull out wires at random.

It's a bird! It's a plane!...

It's the Doctor! Climbin' the spire like a boss.

Rory and Amy cheer him on to victory from the ground. The citizens of Venice are running around

in a screaming panic.

And the Doctor turns off the city-sinking storm of death and destruction machine by flicking a

toggle switch.


I don't know, but I think a toggle switch is probably the most anti-climactic way disabling a

doomsday device ever.

Good weather has been restored! City saved! All in a day's work!


And the city rejoices!

Meanwhile, the Signora is over in the hatchery where her spawn live...her device still on the


She discards her fancy frock and heads out to the plank. Ohhhhh. Dear.

The Doctor is on the scene. She thinks it wasn't such a bad thing to sacrifice one city to save

her species. That isn't the way things work though. He tells her she just needs to move on and

keep living, or whatever.

She wants to know if he can have that on his conscious...another dead species.

She tells him to remember them in his dreams aka. nightmares, and then jumps into the water with

her mask still on.

and is eaten by her OWN CHILDREN.

Later, the chickens of unrest go back to their daily business of overseeing the humans putting

their bread back in their baskets after the earthquake and rain...

The Doctor is excited about Rory and Amy finally getting married...Rory is happy about Rory and Amy

finally getting married.

One person doesn't seem too happy about it though.

Rory gets it. He's all *scorned* again and says they can just drop him back where they found him.

Whatevs. He can tell when he's not wanted.

Oh...but Amy thinks he should join them. How about it, Doctor?

Yeah! How about it? Rory actually seems excited about the prospect now.

The Doctor approves!

Yay! Amy goes to put the kettle on. Everybody's happy now, She's got her spaceship and her boys!

Rory tries to deny that they are her boys, but the Doctor puts him right, because he knows that

they are.

Oh, but wait! Before we can all retire to the TARDIS in good spirits, a silence befalls the...

well, the everywhere. The Doctor asks Rory what he hears but he's confused because there's nothing

to hear. Even the chickens of unrest cannot be heard.

We get the voiceover of the Signora from earlier on explaining about what her people saw in the

cracks and then the camera zooms in on the TARDIS keyhole...Hmmmmmm.


Pregnant Amy?


And a geriatric mob!

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