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Del and the Creepy Aliens

Title: Impossible Astronaut
Season 06 Episode 01
Summary: The Doctor, the Legs, the Nose, and Mrs. Robinson kindly request your attendance...

Welcome back, folks! I'm still playing catch-up, but here: have a spanking new episode anyway.

We open the new season upon this fancy shoed fellow bellowing for the Doctor. And where is our Doctor these days?

Beware the Blue Grass

Title: The Hungry Earth
Season 05 Episode 08
Summary: Digging That Hole Deeper and Deeper

So, what adventure has Amy chosen to go on next? Wales! It's future Wales,

but it's Wales nonetheless, and we open upon this scenic vista of this valley

and...some kind of industrial looking area.

The Devil Inside

Title: Amy's Choice
Series: 05 Episode: 007
Summary: It's hay-fever gone awry!

A Ticking Clock...a small country house. Where are we this fine day in Doctor Who land?

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