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The Devil Inside

Title: Amy's Choice
Series: 05 Episode: 007
Summary: It's hay-fever gone awry!

A Ticking Clock...a small country house. Where are we this fine day in Doctor Who land?

Wait...what? Did I miss a couple hundred Episodes? Since when is Amy pregnant? Since when does she want to sit still long enough to make cupcakes?

Suddenly! Labor pains! She screams for Rory.

There he is! Riding up just in time on the bicycle of domestic tranquility.

Where the greatest danger is getting your eye poked out by a rouge climbing plant when you're in an excited rush to get to your pregnant wife who is screaming like the baby's going to pop out at any second.

Rory finally untangles himself from the landscaping and finds Amy chowing down on her cupcake batter, calm as a summer's breeze. It's a false alarm!

Amy defends her wolf crying and feeds Rory some batter, which is so delicious that he disappears from the frame "mmmmmmmmmm"ing as he goes. Amy's no longer worried about false labor pains or anything now, because she suddenly hears the sound of the TARDIS materializing somewhere nearby.

Rory thinks it's leaf blowers, which he disapproves of, but Amy knows better. Just like she thought, the TARDIS appears right outside their window.

Rory is happy to see the Doctor even though he's landed in one of Amy's flowerbeds.

As for Amy...she's pregnant! Wheeee!

So, the Doctor goes on and thinks of several different ways to say that Amy is gigantic now, and Amy keeps remind him that is the human BB inside of her so stop calling her fat. In any case the important thing to note is that this is apparently five years since we last saw these guys battling space fish in Venice.

It's a busy day here in Upper Leadworth as you can see by the fact that there's nobody around anywhere. Amy calls it a restful and healthy place to settle down where people live to a ripe old crotchety age.

Here's one of those old people now; creeping in the window, I'm sure waiting for some young whippersnapper to step on her lawn so she can shout at them from the window to get off it.

So, the Doctor passes his visit off as some kind of keeping up with old friends deal, but Amy knows better. She figures the TARDIS just landed him here accidentally, and he admits it.

But it's okay, because they get to sit on this awesome bench in Upper Leadworth. I'm already booking my vacation to visit this bench myself.

The Doctor wants to know how they keep from offing themselves in this boring ass town...and Amy doesn't have quite the bleak view of things...but does agree that it's boring.

Rory, of course, is all about provincial life, so he's not too pleased with these guys. He's all for relaxing and living life all contentedly into his nineties.

And listen to birds. Amy's going to go with the bird listening as evidence of her total happiness here in sedentary, unadventurous, whale free, Leadworth. Rory's all...There were no birds in the TARDIS! So, nya!

The Bird noise gets louder as the Doctor gets a sudden headache and he agrees that TARDIS fun does not include birdsong.

They are getting very sleeeepy.

The Doctor wakes up on the floor of the TARDIS and is grateful to find that Rory and Amy are A-OK. He tells them that he had a horrible nightmare about them.

Amy's still feeling the effects of this dream as she feels around her belly, and checks for the awesome ponytail Rory was sporting.

Now there's something up with the TARDIS because there's beeping and red flashing lights. Usually a sure sign of warning.

Rory is the first one to broach the subject of them all possibly having the same dream.

He doesn't think it was a nightmare though.

Rory and Amy come to the conclusion that their dream was the same, and they turn to the Doctor and asks what happened in his nightmare...which he has to admit it was the same dream as theirs then corrects his earlier "nightmare" comment and calls it more of a "Really-Good-Mare".

Rory gives him the rolly eyes of doom.

Suddenly! The sound of birds! They begin to panic, but before they can really get hysterical...

They wake up on the awesome bench back in Leadworth

The Doctor jumps up and Amy and Rory realize that they just had the same dreams once again.

They join the Doctor, wondering if it's all his fault they're having weird dreams. He tells them not to trust anything.

Basically, they don't know which reality is the dream and which one isn't.

After the credits, we're back in the TARDIS and it's pitching about as TARDISes are wont to do. The Doctor reminds us all that this whole dream thing is bad news and he doesn't like it.

So, Amy and the Doctor bicker back and forth about the TARDIS manual, which he has thrown out, because no man needs directions. Not even Time Lords!

Amy now thinks the TARDIS is totally reality...even though she just thought Leadworth was reality just a few seconds ago. The Doctor calls her fat again.

The Doctor tells them to keep a vigilant eye out for anything that might give them a clue as to which reality is really real. Rory seems to think that even the socket wrench might be the key to the mystery.

The Doctor tells them to look for anything that doesn't ring true. Rory and Amy remind him that it's not so simple, since being in a biggerontheinside time machine with a bow-tied alien isn't exactly the stuff that reality is made of back on Earth. The Doctor concedes the point.

And it's lights out for the TARDIS. The TARDIS has died!

The bird sound returns, and the Doctor reminds them to remember how real the TARDIS feels right then. Amy is convinced that the TARDIS is reality.

Until she wakes up in Leadworth and is convinced that is reality.

The Doctor looks for motion blurs because apparently that visual device for denoting a flashback or a dream is real life. I am reminded of Waynes World.

One of the oldies stops by to say Hi to Doctor Rory.

The Doctor finds it interesting that Rory isn't a nurse, but a Doctor like he dreamed of becoming. Apparently the Doctor has no faith in Rory's medical skillz.

He thinks maybe they're stuck in Rory's dream life. As for Rory, he thinks it's Amy's dream too, even though she's given every indication that it's really not. She, of course, pretends like it's everything she ever wanted...which is the whole problem with these two.

Enough about that. The Doctor gets distracted by an old people home.

He wants to go poke them with a stick.

The Doctor and Rory run off, leaving Amy behind to complain about the running.

Doctor!Rory makes introductions. She thinks the Doctor!Doctor is Rory's helper, and Rory isn't going to be correcting that assumption any time soon.

This leads to the Doctor trying on the sweater this lady is knitting, and giving her the stare-down.

The Oldies are getting leery!

Birds>TARDIS> Amy thinks THIS one is real now. Meanwhile, Rory is freezing.

Rory apologizes for the sweater lady, and the Doctor says not to believe her nice act.

As soon as the Doctor figures out that the TARDIS is under some one else's control and that is why it's not working....the someone else just pops magically into bow-tied existence and starts creeping immediately.

He calls himself the Dreamlord.

SO the Doctor throws something at the guy and it goes right through him and he tells them that he's here but not here...Oooo.

He quizzes Amy on what a Dreamlord might be and she comes up with the startling conclusion that he creates dreams...

The Dreamlord here is just kind of an antagonistic jerk. He calls Rory a "Gooseberry" and asks if he gets to guess too.

Rory thinks if anybody is the Gooseberry on this ride, then it's got to be the Doctor. He looks to Amy for confirmation, but she's not giving it. The Dreamlord seems to think she should sort out who's side she's on.

Amy thinks she has chosen already, but she's just saying what she thinks everybody wants to hear at this point I think.

Because she says she's chosen Rory and he should have no doubts about that, even though she is still right next to the Doctor and only gives her actual fiance reassurance by calling him stupid and swatting at him without even looking in his direction.

Well, the Dreamlord doesn't believe her anyway, because he's seen her naughty dreams.

The Doctor demands to know where the Dreamlord picked up his "Cabaret Act" the Dreamlord responds by pointing out that the Doctor himself is not so very different.

Matching Bow ties aside, this may be what we call foreshadowing. ;)

In any case, the DL issues a challenge: One of these realities is real. They need to choose the right one.

So, both worlds also have some kind of dangerous danger that they have to dodge while trying to figure it out, because figuring it out just isn't exciting enough.

They head off to Leadworth as soon as he's done explaining.

Back in Leadworth, they wake up in the Old people's home which has been vacated by the old people. DL is along to plant seeds of doubt and be generally annoying as they go along on their adventure.

He also has more rules: Die in the Dream and wake up A-OK in reality! Then he prompts someone to ask what happens if they die in reality... Rory asks even though the answer is blatantly obvious, and this gives DL the opportunity to call him stupid, because calling Rory stupid is everybody's favorite pastime!

Amy wants to know if he knows the Doctor. In fact, she demands an answer. The Doctor just sits in a chair with his hideous sweater looking like he doesn't ever want to answer that question.

The DL tells the Doctor to take two realities and call him in the morning...which sounds like something a Doctor would say. Then he disappears to leave them to their own devices.

Rory decides that he doesn't like this Dream Lord fellow. Amy is still suspicious.

The Doctor says that he doesn't know who the Dream Lord is after all, since it's a big old universe, and maybe the DL is just mad because he doesn't have a physical form. Well, if that were the reason, I wouldn't be too upset. If I didn't have a physical form, I wouldn't have to ever wear that sweater.

Rory wonders about what Deadly Danger there could possibly be here in Upper Leadworth since it's probably the least dangerous place on the face of the planet. The Doctor is just worried about the old people who have all disappeared.

He runs outside to see if the old people are out there, but all he finds is a teacher herding a bunch of kids around a really strangely engineered playground.

Seriously, who puts the bouncy animal right in between the slide and the merry-go-round thingy? Whoever rides that lion is in for a serious head injury.

Or is it an elephant? Or some kind of creepy elephant/lion hybrid.

Recap of the episode so far courtesy of the gang: Everybody's dreaming the same dream, and both realities match up chronologically, dangerous danger, etc...etc...etc...

The Doctor would really like to figure it out, but it seems like his brain isn't working right now. Why not? Because Leadworth is the most boring place that ever bored apparently.

Amy goes into false labor again, and despite the fact that she has two Doctors by her side...this is the best idea any of them can come up with for delivering a baby.

Well, it turns out it's not even false labor's Amy proving a point labor. The Doctor thinks her life is boring, but she just proved that may be the case, but it still can scare the pants off the Doctor regardless.

Afterward the Doctor spots an oldie creeping towards the kids.

Finally, the Doctor gets down to the big elephant in the it's not Amy (Because she's huge)

It's Rory's ponytail. The thing upon which the entire episode hinges, I'm sure.

In any case, Amy and the Doctor find it hilariously awful, and Rory points out that somebody doesn't have room to talk because he's wearing a bow tie!

The Doctor steadfastly maintains that bow ties are cool. If he says it often enough I think I might start to believe it!

But enough fun! Could it be that we have found the deadly danger in this world?

Before they can get to the bottom of it, they are tweeted away, back to the TARDIS.

Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor is ignoring clues in the form of two freezing companions, about the deadly danger in this world. He's too busy worrying about the old people.

The Doctor realizes he's being snippy and tells them where the coats are. Rory gives him the eye and angry-zips up his jacket. So, take that, Doctor!

Meanwhile, the Doctor goes on a mission to find this egg beater looking thing.

Back with Rory and Amy, Rory is telling us all about what we already know...that he would a thousand times prefer the quiet life back in Leadworth over this freezing in a TARDIS any day.

He's excited about the BB! Yay! So he gives Amy a friendly punch in the kidney (Because she is bending over trying to find blankets or something.)

Amy, of course, is still on the opposite end of the spectrum. She wonders why they would ever choose that when they could have a life in the TARDIS!

So, they're going to have an argument now about that. Rory thought she chose him, when clearly she hasn't really chosen anything yet, and he's afraid she wants to call off the wedding, and she ran off with another guy the night before etc...

Amy reminds him that they're in a time machine and it can be the night before the wedding for as long as they want it to be. Rory thinks they should grow up, but Amy doesn't see the fun in that.

Rory is still grousing by the time they return, and he has to crank the egg beater/bottle opener contraption that the Doctor has cooked up. It's a MacGuyver brand generator or something.

Not to put a downer on all the complaining going around right now, but as soon as the monitor flicks on, they are greeted with the Dangerous Danger of this world. It's a cold star.

Rory and Amy think this might be an indication of a dreamworld since stars don't burn cold...but the Doctor can't be sure, and he's getting tired of people assuming he always has all the answers for everything.

Well, Rory's had it up to his ears now. He thinks this one must be the Doctor's dream, because it has everything the Doctor ever wants...Strange new dangers that only he can save them from. Rory thinks his dream of being boring in Leadworth doesn't seem like such a bad idea right now.

The Dreamlord pops in to ad fuel to the fire. He recites a limerick, and then everybody falls asleep.

Back in Leadworth Rory is convinced that this is reality. Amy's still not sure since she's got a bit of both in her it seems.

Rory tries to convince her that this is the place. It's so damn tranquil that nothing bad could ever happen!

Amy just about flat out tells him that she would never settle for this place.

Enough about talking through your issues though, Amy wanders over to the Doctor to ask what he's doing with these piles of dust.

Um...the dust is the children. What was that you were saying about nothing bad ever happening here, Rory?

Rory wants to know what happened, of course. The Doctor thinks it's that giant mob of elderly people heading their way just now.

The Doctor heads straight for the Oldies, and tries to ignore the DL who pops up to try and confuse matters. DL focuses in on Amy and tries to convince her that this is the dream and she should just jump in front of a bus.

The DL is here to try and make Rory even more jealous and irritate the Doctor and put Amy in between them.

The Doctor tells the DL to just leave Amy alone. He knows who the DL is now, because nobody in the universe hates the Doctor as much as this person.

But enough of that! We don't want to reveal all the secrets at once. Besides...the DL thinks the Doctor should be more worried about the old people.

Instead of running away from the oldies, the gang wait for them to approach. The Doctor is wary, he knows something is wrong. Rory on the other hand, ignores the Doctor's protests and happily greets this old man who used to run the sweet shop when he was a kid.

Instead of the kindly greeting Rory was expecting... This happens. He wonders if maybe he didn't say "Thank You" when this guy gave him all those free toffees.

Instead of answer, Mr. Candyman throws Rory across the playground. Rory is understandably bewildered by this turn of events and screams his startled query out from his seat in the mud: "HOW DID HE DO THAT?"

That's what we're all wondering, Rory.

The Doctor prepares them for some more running, because these old people may indeed be the Dangerous Danger that we are looking for in this world.

Amy is none too pleased about having to continuously cavort around the countryside with this baby on board. She suggests a more diplomatic solution. Why don't we just talk to them?

Whoa! Say what now? The elderly all open their mouths at the same time and eyeball.

Amy remains relatively calm in the face of alien danger as she wonders after an explanation which the Doctor provides:

There's a whole alien inside these people, just chillin'.

Rory makes no attempt to hide his -"Oh, Shit!"- face.

In fact, he thinks this is pretty gross and wonders if the aliens are going to be peeping out of any other orifices.

Good God, I hope not.

Well, let's not worry about that right now, since it appears that these aliens have the ability to shoot green gas out of their mouth eyeballs.

Let's let the Doctor tell us the story...basically these aliens were driven from their home and as a result they are going to go wreak havoc on another planet just as was done to them.

The Doctor thinks this is a plausible enough turn of events and this might in fact be the real world.

A bystander happens by to conveniently prove how deadly these aliens are without having to kill any of the main cast. Poor dude, all he did was wish them a good morning!

They shoot him with gas and he crumbles into dust. This guy does not approve of this!

The Doctor commands the aliens to leave, but I don't think it's going to be that easy somehow.

Rory's still under the impression that these old people aren't that bad, and he's getting frustrated by this insanity.

In fact, this little old lady is harmless! He fixed her depression. Oh, really?

I guess she's not that harmless.

Rory to the rescue! This would be kind of a sweet attempt at protecting Amy, if he hadn't just called her "Chubs". She is wearing the appropriate facial expression for that term of endearment.

the Old lady attempts to gas them, but they dodge out of the way. Rory picks up a fence post, but he can't bring himself to clobber an elderly woman.

Amy tells him to just whack her already, and with that bit of encouragement he manages to take her out. She rolls under a bush and our heroes make their escape.

They make it to a nearby house where Amy runs through everything going on in her mind...

She's upset that they abandoned the Doctor, she's upset that she doesn't connect with the Doctor like she used to those five years ago, she's upset that Rory called her Chubs, and she's upset that the Doctor stayed behind so that they could escape.

Meanwhile, Rory is barricading the door and reassuring her that the Doctor will be a-okay, because he's Mister Cool.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cool is pitching around the road like a drunk while the old people chase after him. Very, Very Slowly.

The Doctor finds himself in a butcher shop where he meats the DL, who will now wax on about how we should go to the butcher shop more often in these modern times. I concur. Where else can you get custom made sausages?

He also pokes fun at the Doctor for possibly being a vegetarian and for being a wuss.

The Doctor basically tells him to shut-up, and the DL tweets him away back to the TARDIS.

But first the Doctor has to make it to somewhere safe so that the 3-eyes can't get to him while he's in the other world.

The Doctor makes it into the walk-in freezer before the 3-eyes can get to him, while the DL makes a terrible pun about home much is at "Steak".

Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor holds a meeting so they can decide once and for all which world is the dream and which world is reality.

Rory Says the TARDIS is the dream and Leadworth is real. Naturally the Doctor thinks the opposite when Amy asks for his opinion.

This leads to the Doctor snapping at Rory and wondering if they are really disagreeing or are they disagreeing because they're in competition. Amy wonders what in the world they could be in a passive aggressive competition over.


Amy's had enough of these shenanigans and she whips up a trio of ponchos that Rory calls the worst crime of fashion since Lederhosen. Amy on the other hand declares that if they're going to die, they should do it looking like a "Peruvian Folk Band."

The Doctor and Rory finally agree on something: They're determined not to die.

The Doctor thinks they might have a chance if they split up, but it seems like they can't do that because they keep switching simultaneously between worlds and they can't control it. He tries to puzzle out the logic, but that's pretty much impossible, because that would mean there had to be logic in the first place.

Hey! It's the DL! He shows up just in time to agree that splitting them up seems like a good idea. That way he can mess with Amy's head unimpeded. In fact...he might just keep Amy as his own companion and leave Rory and his nose to the Doctor.

Rory and the Doctor are tweeted away, leaving Amy to the DL. He thinks this is going to be fun! She thinks, not so much.

Back in Leadworth, Rory wakes up next to a sleeping Amy as the 3-eyes are breaking in the window.

Rory manages to drag her upstairs into a nursery where she remains dead to the world.

Rory ponders what his dream life could/might be over a crib.

When he notices the 3-eyes outside carrying around lumber and pushing at the TARDIS.

This puts him into action, because he doesn't want his world to end. He barricades the door with a chair, and himself and waits and worries for Amy.

Back in the Meat Shop...

The Doctor Sonics the lights and they temporarily blind the aliens so that he might escape from the freezer and be of some use.

The Doctor finds one of the young people still left in midst of being carjacked by a 3-eye. He jumps in the van and pushes the kid out of the way...and they both take off.

They rescue a couple of ladies and a family of four on the way.

Let's leave the action for a while and check up on what Amy's doing with the DL. Are they having "Fun" yet? Let's find out!

Everything is a little frosty in the TARDIS, where the DL is screwing with Amy's brain.

He feigns sympathy and points out to her that the Doctor always leaves her, and never an apology in sight.

Amy doesn't fall for his bullshit right now. She doesn't need any apologies from the Doctor.

He insinuates that the Doctor will never return and then slips into something a little more comfy and a whole lot more creepy.

Amy wants to know who he really is and asks him directly, so she can cut out the Middle Man: the Doctor. She just assumes that he's going to tell her eventually anyway, so why wait for it?

The DL scoffs at the idea that she is the one the Doctor trusts. She doesn't even know his name.

Then he asks her who she would really choose. The dashing adventurer from outer space or the steadfast and reliable childhood friend. (except he's not at nice as I am when referring to Rory.)

She tells him to stop it, and he tells her to just pick a world already and put an end to this nonsense. Then he disappears.

Leaving Amy to ponder it out on her own.

Back in Leadworth, the Doctor drops his passengers off at the church and the DL shows up in ever increasingly weird costumes.

The DL gives the Doctor shit for leaving his companions when the grow up and never keeping in touch.

Over at Rory and Amy's house, the 3-eyes are attacking with anything they have handy... Old pieces of wood, Lawnmowers, old people walkers, rakes, shears, you name it.

Upstairs, Amy wakes up and wonders how she made it up there. Rory informs her that he carried her to safety and instead of a thank you or anything, she wonders where the Doctor is.

Rory doesn't know, obviously, but he does know one thing. He picks up a scissor and announces that he wants to do something for Amy.

He cuts off the pony!

In some sort of gift of the Magi moment, Amy is touched by the gesture even though she was starting to like it.

The Doctor bursts in on this tender moment. He's not so sure which world is real now.

Amy starts to have labor pains again. Rory asks if she's crying wolf again...but no. Not this time.

At this precise moment, the 3-eyes find their way up into the nursery via the windows.

Oh, No! Rory is hit!

The Doctor pushes the 3-eye of the roof with a lamp.

Meanwhile, Rory is turning into dust in Amy's arms.

His parting words are to tell Amy to look after their baby, and then he is gone.

Amy tells the Doctor to save him, but he can't this time.

Amy asks him what the point of him is if he can't save everybody.


Amy has decided this is the dream.

How does she know?

She doesn't, but she doesn't want to live in a world without Rory either, and this is his only shot.

Amy and the Doctor are on a mission now, and Amy's going to drive. They are so determined that the 3-eyes don't even bother them.

As they reach the van, Amy has had enough of the Doctor second guessing her. She's having a "Didn't know what she had until it's gone" moment here.

The Doctor approves.

He meets a smug DL over on his side of the van, and he's giving no clues as to whether or not this is the correct decision.

In the car Amy lets us know this little nugget of truth: She never told Rory that she loved him.

And they were married, and expecting a child? Even if this is the dream world... they are still an engaged couple!

And they're off! Plowing down 3-eyes as they go!

Amy drives them directly into the house, and they wake up in the TARDIS! Yay! You have chosen...wisely, Amelia Pond!

Even Rory is there! Yay!

The DL reappears and admits defeat. He turns the TARDIS back on as it flies further away from the cold of the star.

Rory is confused. He knows something happened back there in fake!Leadworth, but he's not quite sure what. Amy doesn't reply. She just hugs him and he seems surprised that he's getting a hug instead of a punch on the arm or something.

Meanwhile, the Doctor is going to blow up the TARDIS.


Rory and Amy are confused, of course. Who wouldn't be. The DL said this was the real world, and they don't want to explode.

The Doctor has it all figure out though. The DL wouldn't even have power over the real world. He was making them choose between two dreams. The Doctor knows, because he knows who the DL really is.

After the dream TARDIS explodes, and we're back in the really real, real world, the Doctor shows off some psychic pollen he found in the time rotor. It was the pollen that induced the dream state!

Off you go, Pollen!

So the Pollen was the DL? Rory wants to know. Nah, the DL was the Doctor himself! Duh!

You see the pollen feeds on everything dark inside you and gives it a voice. The Doctor has plenty of skeletons in his closet.

So, why was there no bizarro versions of Rory and Amy? Because they are so pure and full of light that the thing would have starved on their combined amount of darkness apparently.

Amy wants to ask him about his past and if what the DL said about him through the course of this episode was true. He avoids this question and instead points her at Rory, who is waiting in the wings with a question of his own.

Rory wants to know what ended the Leadworth dream.

Amy finally has to come out and say that he died because he has no recollection of crashing the van.

She somehow manages to convey everything she said with words to the Doctor when Rory was dead without actually saying them to Rory himself when he's alive.

He totally gets it though. The Doctor is pleased.

Where to now? Rory doesn't care. He's chill with anything, which is probably the most chill he's been this whole time. He lets Amy choose a destination.

As they leave the Doctor catches his own reflection as the Dream Lord in the TARDIS console.

Next Time!:

A guy gets sucked down a hole.

Here's the church!

And Heavy Machinery all around!

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