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Mixes for the New Year!

2012 MIX #1
Spotify Playlist
Thirteen (Big Star Cover) Albert Hammond Jr. Thirteen Single
Hellcats Grand & Nobel Grand & Nobel
Simple Song the Shins Port of Morrow
How I Met My Mother Guided by Voices Let's Go Eat the Factory
Comeback Kid Sleigh Bells Reign of Terror
Bright Idea Mother Mother Bright Idea Single
Honolulu Blues Craig Finn Clear Heart Full Eyes
Stay Useless Cloud Nothings Attack on Memory
Put Me to Sleep Porcelain Raft Strange Weekend
In the Middle (I Met You There) Mathew Dear ft. Jonny Pierce Headcage
I Belong in Your Arms Chairlift Something
Annie You Save Me Graffiti6 Colours
Clear Eye Clouded Mind Nada Surf The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy
Brains Lower Dens Brains Single
Mafia The Asteroid Galaxy Tour Out of Frequency
Ace The Big Sleep Nature Epxeriments
The Right Profession Hospitality Hospitality
Out From Inside Imperial Teen Feel The Sound

2011 MIX #8

2011 MIX #8
Spotify Playlist
Sto Forwarding That Crap to Me "Weird Al" Yankovic Alpocalypse
Don't Fuck With My Money Penguin Prison Penguin Prison
Breakin' the Law The Babies The Babies
Axe Man The People's Temple Sons of Stone
Post-War Blues Dan Mangan Oh Fortune
Origins Tennis Origins (single)
Somebody that I Used to Know Gotye, Kimbra Making Mirrors
Riot The Whip Wired Together
The Stars Come Out Once the Lights Went Out The Veils Troubles of the Brain EP
Buy Nothing Day The Go! Team Rolling Blackouts
The World Is Yours Glasvegas EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\
The Roller Beady eye Different Gear, Still Speeding
Miranda Surfer Blood Tarot Classics
Civilian Wye Oak Civillian
This Moment French Horn Rebellion The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion
Love to Get Used Matt Pond PA Spring Fools EP
Up on the North Shore The Sea and Cake The Moonlight Butterfly
The Great Pan is Dead Cold Cave Cherish the Light Years

2011 Mix #7

2011 MIX #7
Spotify Playlist
Baby, It's Fine A Classic Education Call it Blazing
Dancing With the Devil Wolf Gang Suego Faults
Human Error We Were Promised Jetpacks In the Pit of the Stomach
Ghost Towns Radical Face The Family Tree: The Roots
New Brighton Said the Whale New Brighton
Better Off Without You Summer Camp Welcome To Condale
100 Cigarettes Redgy Blackout Redgy Blackout
Baby I Got the Death Rattle Los Campesinos! Hello Sadness
You Are a Tourist Deathcab for Cutie Codes and Keys
Ten-Twenty-Ten Generationals Actor-Caster
Something Came Over Me WILD FLAG Wild Flag
Lighthouse The Roots, Dice Raw Undun
Tokyo-Vampires&Wolves The Wombats The Wombats Proudly Present...This Modern Glitch
Half Moon Street Pete and the Pirates One Thousand Pictures
Golden Reiter Silverclub No Application EP
Lonely Boy The Black Keys El Camino
City Grrl CSS, Ssion La Liberacion

2011 Mix #6

2011 MIX #6
Spotify Playlist
Coming Soon!
Chains of Love Ryan Adams Ashes & Fire
Better Love Eisley The Valley
Won't Let Them Tear Us Apart The Sounds Something to Die For
Senator Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Mirror Traffic
Too young To Die Brite Futures Dark Past
Big Problem ANR Stay Kids
What The Water Gave Me Florence + The Machine Ceremonials
Jam For Jerry Holy Ghost! Holy Ghost!
It's Real Real Estate Days
Weekend Class Actress Rapprocher
Falling Out Body Language Social Studies
Me, Myself and ID Library Voices Summer of Lust
The Conqueror FUCK ART, LET'S DANCE! The Conqueror
Wetsuit The Vaccines What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?
Let's All Go to the Bar Deer Tick Divine Providence
You and I Lady Gaga Born This Way
Holocene Bon Iver Bon Iver
Booty City Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears Scandalous

2011 MIX #4

2011 MIX #4
Spotify Playlist
I-Tunes Playlist
Miss You The Rapture In the Grace of Your Love
Blood The Dears Degeneration Street
Street Clothes Fool's Gold Leave No Trace
Bad Feeling Veronica Falls Veronica Falls
Gone, Gone, Gone Nikki Lane Walk of Shame
I Can See Through You The Horrors Skyling
Midnight City M8. Hurry Up We're Dreaming
Vomit Girls Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Rifle Eyesight (Proper Name) Cymbals eat Guitars Lenses Alien
Santa Fe Beirut The Rip Tide
Came Out of a Lady Rubblebucket Omega La La
Utopia YACHT Shangri-La
Standing O Wilco The Whole Love
Same Mistake Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Hysterical
Original Spin Mother Mother EUREKA
I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl Wavves Life Sux
Cruel St. Vincent Strange Mercy
Block After Block Matt & Kim Sidewalks

2011 Mix #3

2011 MIX #3
Spotify Playlist
I-Tunes Playlist
Up Up Up Givers In Light
Good The Dodos No Color
Down by the Water The Decemberists The King is Dead
I Don't Want Love The Antlers Burst Apart
Holdin' on to Black Metal My Morning Jacket Circuital
A Thousand Roads Parts & Labor Constant Future
Who's in Control British Sea Power Valhalla Dancehall
Philadelphia [The City of Brotherly Love] We Are Augustines Rise Ye Sunken Ships
I Think It's Gonna Happen Army Navy Last Place
Weekend Smith Westerns Dye it Blonde
C'est La Mort The Civil Wars Barton Hollow
That Wolf Gomez Whatever's On Your Mind
Will do TV on the Radio Nine Types of Light
Repatriated Handsome Furs Sound Kapital
Colours Grouplove Grouplove
Time Spent In Los Angeles Dawes Nothing Is Wrong
Tonight's the Kind of Night Noah and the Whale Last Night on Earth
Get Away Yuck Yuck

2011 MIX #2

2011 MIX #2
Spotify Playlist
I-Tunes Playlist
2 Hearts Digitalism I Love You, Dude
Baby's Got a Blue Flame Bosco Delrey Everybody Wah
Gratisfaction The Strokes Angels
Ignite the Raveonettes Raven in the Grave
On the Corner The Twilight Singers Dynamite Steps
Heaven's Gonna Happen Now The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Belong
Out of Style, Out of Touch Eulogies Tear the Fences Down
Royal Blue Cold War Kids Mine is Yours
Second Chance Peter Bjorn and John Gimmie Some
Shell Games Bright Eyes The People's Key
Socialite Death Squad Idle Hands Life is Beautiful
Song for America Destroyer Kaputt
Take Me Over Cut Copy Zonoscope
That Beep Architecture in Helsinki Moment Bends
The Last Living Rose PJ Harvey Let England Shake
Too Many Rappers Beatie boys / Nas Hot Sauce Committee Part II
Walking Far From Home Iron & Wine Kiss Eachother Clean
Whirring The Joy Formidable The Big Roar


It's that time of year again! Here are my favorite albums that came out this year.

10. Sigh No More - Mumford and Sons

Hell yes. Import album loophole! There's always one. This totally came out in the USA in 2010. ;) I have nothing further to say except for the fact that I probably would have continued to skip it on the Target: Artists to look out end cap for the two years it would probably sit there. (I think Oracular Spectacular is still on that end cap. ;)) If they hadn't started playing it on the radio. It totally passed the test of three songs. If I hear three songs that I love, I should probably just give in and get the whole album. So, I gave in!

Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons

Official Website


09. Omni - Minus the Bear

When I start a band I'm going to call it "DeerPandas"
For some reason I had it in my brain that I didn't like Minus the Bear. I don't know why. Perhaps I had confused them for some other "Bear" named band? Perhaps one with a Panda in the title? It was kind of like that entire year where I had the Arcade Fire confused with the Fiery Furnaces. I don't know how that happened, but it made me not want to listen to Funeral for a really long time, and that was a big mistake! No mistakes this time. I finally checked this album out because I was nearing the end of the year and realized I didn't have hearts in my eyes about enough albums to even make a top ten, and in my search for more albums I actually exceeded a top ten!
Omni - Minus the Bear

Official Website


I don't need an excuse to post videos of Rhett Miller, but it's nice to have one.
08. The Grand Theatre Vol.1 - Old 97's

Well, I have to admit that I haven't picked up the last couple of Old 97's albums... They are still one of my favorite bands of ever, and I saw a few good words about this one so I thought I'd check it out. I like when I check things out and they exceed expectations! (At this point my expectations were 0 because I had no idea the Old 97's were releasing an album this year until I saw it on some random blog. )
The Grand Theatre, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition) - Old 97's

Official Website




07. Everything Under the Sun - Jukebox the Ghost

I picked this up on a whim, because, while I wasn't compelled to go out and get their first album...I was in the right kind of mood and was at the record store anyway. This album is pretty fun. So if you like a really catchy pop song... You really can't go wrong here. They somehow makes a songs about our impending doom sound like a super fun time!
Everything Under the Sun (Bonus Version) - Jukebox the Ghost

Official Website




06. Devo - Something for Everybody

How can you resist, I ask you! HOW?
This isn't on here because I'm obligated to love Ohio things, but in the interest of full disclosure I was never a huge Devo fan. I have owned none of their albums and would have not known they were still going strong to this very day if I hadn't heard Fresh on the radio and loved it. Then I found out they were livestreaming cats listening to the album (actual, real cats. Meow!) Naturally, this seems like a strange way to promote an album that I had to check out, and I sat there and listened to it for hours with cats in small window in the corner of the computer screen doing what cats do during the daytime while promoting Devo albums...sleeping on top of a giant blue energy dome. And it was awesome.
Something for Everybody (Deluxe Version) - Devo

Official Website




05. Total Life Forever - Foals

Another whim purchase! Three cheers for whims! Hip-hip-hooray! Again, I have no particular deep seated reason for skipping out of the first album since I can freely admit that Red Socks Pugie is one of my favorite songs of recent years (Cassius isn't bad either) I probably should have checked that one out at the very least. I have heard plenty of good things about this band! That was why I was staring at the CD at the record store one day...wondering if I should. I didn't at first, but I came back to it and I did, and I keep coming back to it, which is a good sign and what bumped this album up the list over a few notable albums that may seem to be missing here.

It does not, however, shed any light onto what exactly a pugie is and why it has red socks.
Total Life Forever - Foals

Official Website




04. Night Work - Scissor Sisters

There is competition in this category.

I do believe I was just complaining not too long ago about a distinctive scissor shaped hole in my musical heart for these past few years. I think this is where I have to admit that they are one of my favorite bands. Then, suddenly (for me) they were all over the place. In that gender swap romance movie in which the guy who had taken over the nerdy girl protagonist's body, attempted revenge on her by dressing as slutty as possible to the tune of a hilariously edited Filthy/Gorgeous...During a Shopping montage on Royal Pains the checkout line at Khols. KHOLS.

Anyway, this is probably my favorite Scissor Sisters' album to date, also my favorite album with an ass on the cover.

Night Work (Deluxe Edition) - Scissor Sisters

Official Website




03. Expo '86 - Wolf Parade

Probably my favorite of all the Wolf-named bands. Also, I like their non-wolf named projects...Sunset Rubdown and Handsome Furs. Check 'em out! Anyways, At Mt. Zoomer wasn't really high up on my list the year it came out. I didn't listen to it much except for California Dreamer, but this one shot right up there on first listen. There's something to be said for love at first listen...and also free streaming album previews, because I wasn't considering purchasing this until I sat there and listened to it on repeat at work for 8 hours straight.

Expo 86 - Wolf Parade

Official Website



02. Odd Blood - Yeasayer

Randomly sitting down to watch a Joe Louis documentary with your grandpa will really add a layer of appreciation to Ambling Alp.
Oh, what to say about Yeasayer? I vaguely remember quite liking 2080 when that song made an appearance on my radar, but I certainly wasn't enamoured of it enough to go buying a whole album. But then came O.N.E....and then there was Ambling Alp, who's power of awesome singleness combined to make me need this album. I spent the greater part of a month trying to find this album after it came out and none of the record stores I go to had it! (I even made sure it was really released and I wasn't making it up release dates in my mind as I have been wont to do.) Finally, it was in my hands! I have no basis of comparison as far as the first album goes, but I pretty much love this one and I still listen to it all the time.

Odd Blood - Yeasayer

Official Website




01. Pickin' Up the Pieces - Fitz and the Tantrums

If I look at this with 3D glasses will my mind be blown?
This may actually be my official favorite album from this year, sorry, guys were hanging in there for a really long time, but I just decided to listen to this off only my complete adoration for the song 'Breakin' the Chains of Love'. It was a lovely surprise, like snagging an awesome album out of a bargain bin for $3.99, or finding cash in the washing machine that you forgot you left in your jeans. I'm not talking quarters here...I'm talking a stack of twenty dollar bills. So, if you like a little soul sound to your tunes, definitely check this one out!
Pickin' Up the Pieces - Fitz & The Tantrums

Official Website




Ten Things! 11-10-10

It's time for a new feature!

In the past Ten Things has been a laundry list of things I enjoy / need to desperately complain about to everybody on the internets.  Today it comes in the form of a Mix for this cold November, so without further ado here are Ten Things:


More to Listen/Watch!

1. Last Shadow Puppets -- Standing Next to Me

2. Foals -- Cassius

3. Walkmen -- In the New Year

4. Pixies -- Here Comes Your Man

5. Dead Confederate -- Wrecking Ball

6. Liars -- Mr. You're on Fire, Mister

7. the Rapture -- Pieces of the People We Love

8. Husker Du -- Makes No Sense At All

9. Cold War Kids -- Hang Me Out To Dry

10. Twilight Singers -- Teenage Wristband



Ten Catchy Songs for 2010

Beware of hooks
... Yes, it's that time again where I make an official blog post! So, the year is fast coming to a close once again... Yes, I know it's only September, but by the time I make a new blog post, or finish recapping this last season of Doctor Who, it will probably be this time next year. Why not get a jump on the year end list making instead of not doing it at all? Particularly since this year has seen some of my favorite bands dropping albums left and right.

This is not a list of my favorite albums though. This is merely a list of things that have caught my ear this year, and maybe they'll catch yours too. In all likelyhood something will, since these songs have plenty of hooks!

1. Night Work - Scissor Scisters : The title track from the Scissor Sisters most excelent third album.

2. White Knuckles - OK Go : It was my favorite song from the album before it became that video with the doggies.

3. The Popular Thing - Jukebox the Ghost : This entire album is like puppies rolling around with kittens on a fluffy cloud with rainbows and unicorns flying around all over.

4. Fuck You - Cee Lo Green : For how to curse people out in the catchiest way humanly possible, I refer you to this song.

5. Cousins - Vampire Weekend : Just Vampire Weekend doing their thing.

6. Bang Pop - Free Energy : onomatopoeia are fun! They will be in your head for hours after this song.

7. I Can Talk - Two Door Cinema Club : I don't really know much about this band, but I really like the couple of songs that I've heard by them so far.

8. Fresh - Devo : Yes, they're still workin' it to this day. I've never been a giant Devo fan in the past, but I really enjoy this whole album.

9. Backstreet Lovers - The Crookes : I thought this came out last year, but Amazon tells me it was this year, so yay! I have to say I pretty much loved this song the instant I heard it a few weeks ago.

10. Told You Once - Apples in Stereo : Oh no, I have no explanation for this song. Just listen to it!



Wake Me When It's Over

In honour of this season of AI coming to an end... I present: If I Were an American Idol (But I'm Not Because I can't sing that well, and I'd be too lazy to audition anyway). My picks for each of the themes as if there were no list and/or restrictions to what you can sing on TeeVee (aka: This is totally self-indulgent. So there, Simon. ;) ):

Week One: Hits From the Billboard Charts
Hmmm. I'm not sure what the restrictions on this one were. Any song, ever, in any billboard chart of all time? Isn't that every song in existence?

This Totally Counts
Hey Soul Sister by Train

Why? It's catchy like a communicable disease, even if you hate it. It's not a Lady Gaga Song (Just not my thing. Sorry!), and it's not 30 to 40 years old. Believe it or not...people have listened to the radio in recent times as well. In fact...your audience probably would be more jazzed to hear a newer song, than be able to connect with a classic from the even the early 90's at this point. (You're welcome for making all of you feel old now.)

Train in Vain

Week Two: Rolling Stones Week

Out of Time

Could Be A Portent to Future Elimination Though.

Anyhows, I really like this song. The Manic Street Preachers covered it and I had no idea it was the Stones (I knew it was a cover, because the entire album was covers, but I never heard the original.)
I would dedicate it to Kara. I was sorely disappointed nobody did this song! It has DRAMATIC.STRINGS and everything! I'd bring a whole orchestra on stage to play the string section.
Week Three: Billboard #1's

The Song Starts at 2:20 FYI
Okay...we're narrowing down the field a little now. Just a little bit, since there's more than one number one per year and the top 100 has been around since, like, the forties. I will take it upon myself to narrow it to the last ten years at least for...
Hey Ya by Outkast. I would Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture. (Honestly, when coming through the charts Crazy Little Thing Called Love stuck Kudos to Tim, I guess. ;)) I would also hit some Hall and Oates. The #2 guilty pleasure act of the 80's (#1 is Air Supply for the record.)
Week Four: R&B / Soul

Take Me to The River - Al Green This is when older is better for me. Nothing beats the classic R&B sound.

Week Five: Lennon / McCartney

Bottom Row: Scorned
Okay, So no Here Comes the Sun? Fine, I shall sing a non-Beatles Lennon/McCartney penned song just to confuse everybody and be contrary. ;)

P&G: Not Just for Soap
A World Without Love as sung by Peter and Gordon

So There. ;)

Week Six: Elvis!

I have personal Experience with Kentucky Rain
They did a pretty good job picking songs this week. In the interest of doing something that wasn't actually on the show, I shall sing Kentucky Rain

Week Seven: Inspirational Songs!

I'm Not Down by the Clash
I'm Inspired Just Posting This Clip *Punches the Air*
Yeah, I'm not Down, Judges! Take that for some inspiration in your face!

This is an album track so maybe it's totally obscure. It shouldn't be. Go buy London Calling today, and thank me later! ;) PS: The Easter Bunny brought me this in my basket one year. I love my Easter Bunny!

Week Seven: Uh...Shania Twain week

Yes, Please.
I would prefer just to have country week, so I could bust out some Alt Country Faves. (I would sing Jagged by the Old 97's

I scorned this theme! Have some Old 97s instead.
As for the Shania catalog that I'm not all that familiar with: Uh...I guess I would sing That Don't Impress Me Much Maybe... I remember enjoying singing along to that one. Haha. This would be the week I'd get voted off for my lack of enthusiasm.

Week Eight: Frank Sinatra

I Might Rather Be a Fish.
Some Fish are Pretty Badd-Ass
Can't really go too wrong for song choice here. Swingin' on a Star would be my pick.

Complete With Redheaded Step-Child and German Over-Dubbing

Or Maybe High Hopes Because I can see the judges really hating that and I could tell them I just wanted to have fun. Lighten up. ;)

Week Nine: Songs of the Cinema

There was Not Enough Rockin' this Season
Of all time. Ever. In the History of Ever... Again, this is a list of pretty much every song in existence. ;)

I was going to be completely self-indulgent and pick something from the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack, but I changed my mind and picked something completely self indulgent from the Singles Sountrack.

Nearly Lost You by Screaming Trees

Dyslexic Heart by Paul Westerberg is also an acceptable answer.
Do I Hate You? Do I Date You?

And that's It!

Next Week is the Judges Pick. Hehe. I challenge you guys to come up with your own playlist, if you want. :D

And Remember, kids...There are No Boundaries!

Bonus Song: My Duet would be Don't Go Breakin' My Heart !

With Bagpipes. Why?






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