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The Paris of America

Diplomacy? Schmiplomacy!

Title: Cold Blood

Episode: 9 Season: 5

Summary:  We're in the Center of the Earth, and there are lizard-men.

Last time...

 There were some holes, people were abducted by some lizard warriors who live deep under ground, and nobody dies today.




Beware the Blue Grass

Title: The Hungry Earth
Season 05 Episode 08
Summary: Digging That Hole Deeper and Deeper

So, what adventure has Amy chosen to go on next? Wales! It's future Wales,

but it's Wales nonetheless, and we open upon this scenic vista of this valley

and...some kind of industrial looking area.



The Devil Inside

Title: Amy's Choice
Series: 05 Episode: 007
Summary: It's hay-fever gone awry!

A Ticking Clock...a small country house. Where are we this fine day in Doctor Who land?



What the World Needs Now is ... More Vampires.

Title: Vampires of Venice
Season: 05 Episode: 06
Summary: The Problem with Space Fish

Meanwhile...In 1580 in Venice



Runnin' With the Angels

Title: Flesh and Stone
Season: 05 Episode: 05
Summary: It's only Gravity

We start where we left off. The Doctor has shot at the spaceship and set off an explosion...his team jumped and now...well now they are upside on the bottom of the ship. I'll spare you the technical details of how this happened.



Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Title: The Time of Angels
Season: 05 Episode: 04
Summary: Just add River.

Whoa, the whole world is spinning around this young dude with lipstick on his face as well as a glazed over expression. Clearly something is wrong with him, or something is right with him. Either way...



Taste The Rainbow!

Title: Victory of the Daleks
Episode: 03 Season: 05
Summary: They're Baaaa--aaaack!

So, let's not pretend this week's big bad is some kind of mysterious thing of mystery like the last one. Y'know, since it was in the 'next week' preview, and also the title of this episode. I think we can be pretty ready for some Extermination to go down.

Well, we're opening up in the command room during some kind of battle. This particular operator is the focus. She says "If Wishes Were Kisses" to nobody in particular...perhaps somebody over the headset. I'm not sure. I looked this up by the way, that a regular phrase that is used while coordinating plans in the middle of a blitz?



Suck More, Human Race. I Dare You!

Title: The Beast Below
Episode: 02 Season: 05
Summary: How the Girl with a Curl is a metaphor for the Entire Human Race.

Check it out! It's some sort of floating Space UK. We must be in the future today.

Brand New Stuff

A Doctor Who Recap/Picspam

Episode: 01 Season: 05
Title: The Eleventh Hour
Summary: You can bring a Pond to the ducks, but you can't make them exist.

Well, hello, Earth! Fancy meeting you in a season premier of Doctor Who. I wonder where the TARDIS is going to be landing this time? Hmmmmmm....It's a mystery!


.:. .:.



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