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The Paris of America

When is a house not a home? When it's a sentient asteroid.

Title: The Doctor's Wife
Season: 06 Episode: 04
Summary: It's like a soap bubble, except it's not.

We open, not in the TARDIS, but on some strange an alien planet with this young lady named Idris and her companions:



Yo-Ho-Ho! and a Bottle of WUT?

Episode 03 season 06
Title: The Curse of the Black Spot
Summary: Beware the Siren's Song.

Look everybody! Pirates!



Enjoy the Silents

Title: Day of the Moon
Season 6 Episode 2
Summary: I don't remember what happened.

Last time: The Doctor Died...



Del and the Creepy Aliens

Title: Impossible Astronaut
Season 06 Episode 01
Summary: The Doctor, the Legs, the Nose, and Mrs. Robinson kindly request your attendance...

Welcome back, folks! I'm still playing catch-up, but here: have a spanking new episode anyway.

We open the new season upon this fancy shoed fellow bellowing for the Doctor. And where is our Doctor these days?




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