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Runnin' With the Angels

Title: Flesh and Stone
Season: 05 Episode: 05
Summary: It's only Gravity

We start where we left off. The Doctor has shot at the spaceship and set off an explosion...his team jumped and now...well now they are upside on the bottom of the ship. I'll spare you the technical details of how this happened.

Octavian notes that the Angels are becoming more and more like Angels by the second. Those guys are just eating up all the radiation from the ship. The army will be ready to go in about an hour.

Amy worries when the Doctor jumps into the porthole here, but it's not to worry. The Gravity orientates to the floor. SO, now we're in some kind of Escher like space, where Amy is right side up on the outside, but actually upside down and the Doctor is inside but sideways...

Nevermind, let's all hop in the ship where everybody is the same way up. It's giving me motion sickness just thinking about the logistics.

The Angels are coming! They have to keep on moving.

Some alarm bells go off and the corridor becomes sealed off in a "Death Trap Timebomb" (Sequel to Hot-Tub Time Machine?)

So, they're stuck, and the power fails. This was a short episode...

SOme kind of auxiliary lights come on, thankfully, but now there's a quartet of Angels inside with them.

Let's just assume that the people in charge keep telling the Clerics and Amy to keep their eyes on the Angels...because they do shout that at intermitten intervals. This would probably be a really boring recap if I mentioned every time.

This one is special though, because the Doctor reminds everybody -Not in the Eyes- Amy's a little perturbed, because she's been there and done that and so far she's been mind tricked into thinking she's a who knows what else can happen.

So the Doctor has rigged it so the Angels can't cause the lights to go out... There is one caveat order to open the door he has to turn the lights out himself. Naturally, nobody thinks that's a particularly great idea right now...especially when we learn that they will be out for a fraction of a second or not. Basically, the Doctor doesn't know how long it will take exactly.

Octavian doesn't want to lose any more men though. He's lost three good ones already. River trusts the Doctor though, so it's going to be lights out.

The Doctor goes to work while Octavian threatens to tell the Doctor of her misdeeds, or whatever secret her past is hiding, if he loses any more men. River begrudgingly agrees.

They're going to watch the Doctor's back then. Octavian orders his troops to just keep firing into the dark once the lights go out.

The Doctor instructs Amy to turn the wheel 4 times when the lights go out...she says "Ten"
He repeats "Four" a bunch of times at her and she looks at him like he's crazy.

The lights go out on Ocatvians mark and the guns are ablaze!

The angels keep getting closer despite the hail of gunfire.

Through to the command room!

The Angles aren't far behind though. Octavian puts a lock on the door to hold them back for a little while. He thinks for ever, but no, the lock has only slowed them down a little bit.

They've got five minutes until they break through. Amy says "Nine" The Doctor wants to know what her deal is, but she doesn't remember saying anything.

All the doors are sealed and they're surrounded, but there seems to be some other mysterious way out behind this wall.

It's a forest! See, the people on the ship need oxygen to breath on interstellar voyages and what do trees expel? Right, so they installed an entire forest.

Amy's standing in Awe and wonder and then she says: "Eight"


Continuing on! They are not really Trees though! They're TREEBORGS! They will assimilate you!

Alright, Treeborgs! It's an entire ecosystem right there in the middle of the ship with weather and everything.

The Doctor asks Amy if she's impressed yet. Of course she is, but she says "Seven" instead.

Clearly something is going wrong with Amy Pond. Even River takes notice now.

No time for that now. Angel!Bob calls up and relays a message from the angels. They want to know what the Doctor's master plan is. Now, Now...He should know better than to reveal the Master plan! Though he is sitting in the perfect chair for it. He needs a white cat on his lap to stroke while he's doing it too or something.

He doesn't divulge the plan! Good job. He says they're just "Hangin'" <--that is a direct quote.

Angel!Bob doesn't know not to reveal his secret plan though. Basically his is world domination. Y'know, regular bad guy stuff.

The Doctor amuses himself by getting the Angel to say "Comfy Chairs" though.

Amy giggles and says "Six"

The Doctor's had enough Chit-Chat though. He wants to know what's happening to Amy. The jist of it is that she's literally got "Angel Eyes" They are in her her eye!

Amy wants to know what the deal is because she's "Five" Yes, this counting is very worrying.

She's counting down but nobody knows why!

Angel!Bob is like -Haha, we'll get you all and the rest of the universe while we're at it!- The Doctor doesn't think the ship is powerful enough to fuel them for that kind of an undertaking. Angel!Bob says, think again!

Then there's some terrible squealing/screaming noises, which has everybody freaked the heck out. Angel!Bob tells them it's the angel equivalent of maniacal laughter or something.

They're laughing because the Doctor hasn't noticed. Hmmm, what could he be missing?

It's Cracky! Amy notes the resemblance to the one in her wall and we flash back to it for a moment.

Octavian doesn't want to stick around while the crack widens and causes a giant Crack-Quake on the spaceship here, so he runs off to the forest. Amy and River want to stay with the Doctor, but he tells them to get going while he takes a crack sample for analysis.

Well, it seems the Doctor has waited a little too long, and now he's surrounded on all sides by a bunch of Angels!

He goes over the Top of the console, but one of the Angels grabs hold of his jacket!

Over in the forest, Amy's not doing so well.

The Angels haven't killed him yet, which is odd. It seems they're distracted by the ever widening crack in the universe there. The Time energy can't feed them, it's not the right what's the deal?

He leaves the jacket behind while they're distracted.

Amy hits "Four" on the countdown and has to sit down.

Octavian doesn't want to stay there though. River's going to wait and give Amy a medical scan.

River gives a little speech about how they need to keep the Doctor alive long enough so he can save everybody else and if he's not dead then she's going to kill him...but he's right there listening to every word she said.

Amy wants to know what's wrong with her. River says she's fine, the Doctor says she's dying.

Seems River was just trying to make her feel better. She disapproves of the Doctor's straightforward approach, but he's never been one to lie to Amy on purpose anyway.

So Amy looked at an Angel for too long and now it's in her eye, there are angels surrounding them again. Seems they've lost interest in the crack to the End of the Universe.

So, the Angel is in Amy Ponds mind. The Doctor finally figures it out. Apparently, if you blink, you die, but if you don't blink you also die. Blink, Don't Blink, it's all the same result.

Amy says "Three"

He doesn't know what's with the counting though, so he gets on the radio to Angel!Bob who tells him it's just to make her afraid.

It's working.

And to top it all off, they're doing it for fun! This frustrates the Doctor so he wings the Radio at a treeborg.

Now Amy has got just seconds to live! They have to figure out a way to stop Amy's vision centers from seeing.

...The Doctor tells her to close her eyes, but she refuses.

The Doctor takes that as a good sign of the Angel inside being afraid. He convinces Amy to shut her eyes.

Her vital signs return to normal!

No time for joy though. We've got Angels on the way.

Meanwhile, Amy is still weak, and she can't open her eyes or she'll die.

So, Octavian wants to move on, but the Doctor's not having that. He wants the clerics to stand watch over Amy.

The Doctor and River are going to go save the day. River wants to know how that's going to happen, and the Doctor says he's going to do a "Thing" He doesn't know what that is yet though!

Octavian's okay with his clerics staying behind, but he's going to go on the the "Thing" Mission.

Well, it seems like Octavian is not in it for the Glory. He just doesn't want River Song left to her own devices.

And the Doctor asks if he's engaged to her...he says "In a manner of speaking" So, she's a criminal and they needed her expertise on the Angels, and Octavian is her handler? That is what I'm getting out of this.

Amy doesn't want to be left alone with the Clerics. Octavian shuts her down as being a handicap to them, but the Doctor sits down and tells her that he'll be back as soon as he can and she's safer there in one spot.

Amy doesn't want later, but the Doctor comes back to tell her that she has got to learn how to trust him.

He wants her to remember what he told her when she was seven. He doesn't tell her because it's important for her to remember what it is on her own, without his help. He leaves her with a kiss on the forehead.

And I will leave you to speculate about the incongruous item in this scene and what it means if anything. ;)

This Doctor catches up with the River and Octavian and she wants to know how a crack can be the "End of the Universe." The Doctor doesn't know. All he knows is that one day the crack will explode and rain down cracks everywhere. (Reality as they know it will not exist anymore.)

River wants to know how that is possible. The Doctor wants to know how she can kinda be engaged. She says she's a sucker for a man in uniform.

Octavian is not amused!

In fact he's so unamused that he flat out tells the Doctor she was in prison and he sprung her to help with this mission. She's here earning a pardon.

The Doctor doesn't seem to be too bothered by River's imprisonment. There are other things to worry about: like the date in time where this crack began. (26/06/2016 by the way) Amy's time.

Speaking of Amy, nothing's happening over in her neck of the woods...except the Angels are taking out the Treeborg!

So, the trees are going out and the Angels are advancing quickly.

Back with the Doctor, and Octavian is trying to find a way in to the main control room here. River is nagging at him to get along with it.

Something in what River said to Octavian triggers something in the Doctor's brain and he wonders what would happen if time really ran out.

Amy's getting a bit freaked out now, since the angels are getting closer and the clerics are preparing to shoot at them even though that never works.

Suddenly! A beam of light! The Cleric thinks the ship might be on fire but it's not. We know that's the crack that is crackifying the universe.

The Angels run away! That's good, I guess.

Amy wonders what the heck the most terrifying undefeatable creatures of the universe would have to run from.

This is Marco. The Other two are Phillip and Crispin. This is the Whoniverse after all, let's get to know them before they march off into certain doom.

Why do I say that? Because Marco here wants to go get a closer look at that crack that the frikkin' Angels are running away from.

Noo! Phillip and Crispin! Don't go into the light! Forget what they told you in bible boot camp!

Meanwhile, the Doctor is babbling his thoughts out loud: Why are there no ducks in the Pond? Why doesn't the Pond remember the Daleks? How can time run out?

Epiphany Time!

Marco explains to Amy how the crack has become like a giant curtain of energy that makes you want to hurl. I guess there were four guys, because there's another one hanging around.

He wants to know what could scare an Angel so much, and Amy is just desperate to see the light. She's even willing to risk her own life and open her eyes even though Marco pleads with her not to do that.

Amy recognizes her old cracky friend.

Marco has to shut her eyes for her, because she's so freaked out by the crack following her around time and space that she won't do it herself.

The Second to last cleric offers to go get a closer look, and Marco tells him to go on ahead, even though we haven't heard back from the other two guys yet. There were two other guys, right? I didn't make them up? Phillip and Crispin? You remember Phillip and Crispin?

No. Marco does not remember Phillip and Crispin, since Amy is asking the same question.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Octavian has broken on through to the other side. The Doctor is too busy making finger circles in the air to notice though. That Epiphany that we missed out on early?

"Time can be Unwritten."

Meanwhile, back at the crack party, Marco very slowly and patiently tries to explain to Amy that Phillip and Crispin never existed.

Amy tries to explain that they did exist, before Pedro went to investigate.

Marco doesn't remember Pedro now.

So, time has been erasing itself all right under the Doctor's nose. He's astounded.

Octavian wants to move ahead because of the Angels, y'know. The Doctor says -nevermind the Angels, Here's Crack!- It's far worse.

Not for Octavian.

So, Octavian is basically stuck. The Doctor Can't look away, or the Angel will kill him, but he has to look away if Octavian wants to get unstuck.

Over here nothing has changed. Amy and Marco are still arguing about the existence of the other clerics.

Now Marco wants to go have a look at the crack.

Naturally, Amy hits the protest button on that, but Marco's going to go anyway. He promises her two minutes and leaves her blind and alone with nothing but a spare communicator.

Meanwhile, Octavian is coming to grips with his inevitable doom.

Octavian only has one word of advice for the Doctor before he goes. Don't trust River Song. Upon request he tells the Doctor that she killed a man. A good man who was a hero to many... Who could it be?

The Doctor wants to know. Octavian won't tell him though, because he says the Doctor doesn't really want to know. Hmmmmmmm.

The Doctor is sad now because he has to leave Octavian to his fate. Octavian is okay though, because he knows he was courageous till the bitter end. The Doctor wishes he could have known him better.

Octavian says: "You knew me at my best" Awwww. Now I'm sad too. :(

So, the Doctor heads on into the control room where River is trying to resuscitate a teleport. The Doctor is in no mood for her to be fooling around with something that broken. He curtly informs her that Octavian is dead when she asks.

Meanwhile, Amy is all alone, since all the clerics are either dead or erased from existence. She calls out on the communicator in hopes that someone will hear her.

Eventually Marco actually answers her. He's all up in that crack, but he seems to be okay. Amy wants him to come back, and as soon as she says so he winks out of existence. Oops.

The Doctor calls her up soon after.

She explains to him about the clerics being monumentally stupid, and he explains to her how they wouldn't remember the other guys because the crack is actually time running out.

The Doctor wants her to come to him now. Amy wants to know how this is possible since she is effectively blind.

Well, the Doctor has rigged the communicator to point her in the right direction by sound. He tells her that she'd better get a move on or the crack is going to catch up to her.

Amy wants to know what will happen if it does catch up with her... The Doctor doesn't really want to answer that, but Amy's got to know.

She'll have never been born basically.

River over here proclaims that his plan is never going to work.

The Doctor is all arage now though because Amy's in terrible danger and he put her there basically. He screams at River to offer up a better idea if she's so damn smart.

Over in the woods, Amy and her Chucks try to do their best not to run afoul of any treeborg roots... Would Treeborg even need roots?

In the control room there are clanging noises...the Angels are upon them.

The Doctor sends a motion detector to Amy's device, because she's going to have to walk like she can see if she's going to avoid the angels. Yes. Amy also thinks this is an insane idea.

So, River wants to know how they stop the time energy from eating everything in sight.

The Doctor says they have to feed it some giant time event to shut it up just for a while. River knows where this is going when she asks what he has in mind.

Yes, he wants to throw himself into the crack. The Doctor yells at her some more because this hopeless situation seems to be making him even more grumpy-pants than he was at the beginning of the last episode.

Meanwhile, Angels are all around Amy.

These Angels are running from the crack though, and not interested in Amy. The Doctor tells her if she pretends like she can see them then their instincts to remain stony will kick in and do the rest.

Amy just stands there, because... C'mon! The Doctor has lost all patience with everybody now and yells at Amy and bangs his fist on the console.

Amy sobs her way through a maze of angels. That's third behind Corn and Hedges, but still well above mazes of death.

That answers that question. Amy trips on the rootborg and goes down just after she clears all the angels.

Amy has dropped the communicator and she can't find it! The Angels are little teapots.

Finally all that flailing about Amy is doing has captured its interest!

They come after Amy and just as she is about to be captured, there is a flash of light and she is teleported straight into River's arms safe and sound in the control room.

River gives him the old "I told you so"

Just when they think they can relax just a little bit, the rest of the power starts failing and setting off alarm bells.

This releases the shield that has been holding the Angels back, and there they are on the other side, just waiting.

Angel!Bob is here! He informs the Doctor that he needs to go on ahead and jump into the time field so that the Angels may live to take over the universe.

The Doctor wants to know why he would do such a thing.

Because it will save everybody else too.

River wants to throw herself in instead. The Doctor tells her that even all the angels would be better than her, so she should get a grip. Literally.

Haha! Angels! You have forgotten one thing when you drained the entire power supply from the whole ship.

The Ship is not right side up.

With the power out, the gravity fails and everything is reoriented towards the planet's ground.

River, Amy and the Doctor hang on for dear life.

The Angels plummet into the crack.

The crack's hunger is satisfied for now.

Later...after the Doctor and Co. somehow managed to climb back out of that artificial gravity free space ship...

Amy's cranky because she's bruised everywhere, so I bet a museum is looking pretty good right about now.

As to how Amy can see now...the Angels fell into the time field and ceased to exist, so the one in her eye just stopped existing too.

Amy wants to know how she remembers them though, since Marco didn't remember his team after they disappeared.

It's because being a time traveler changes the way she sees the universe. Yay!?


As for the crack...that's still happening somewhere in time, but it's closed for here and now.

River...she's headed back to lock up I guess.

She hopes to have won a pardon.

But about that man you killed? A Good man you say?

Best man ever!!! Who could it be?

Sorry Doctor. No spoilers for you.

River says so long, until the Pandorica opens, which will be soon. The Doctor leans in and tells her it's only a fairy tale.

Amy says goodbye too.

The Doctor wants to know if he can trust River, but she doesn't think that's any fun.

And then she's tornados away to the ship waiting for her above.

So now what?

Penny for your thoughts, Doctor? He smiles to himself and says that Time can be Rewritten.

Back in the TARDIS, Amy is looking glum and wanting to go home.

The Doctor is ready to oblige, but she has to correct his impression and tell him that she doesn't want to go back for a permanent stay just yet...she just wants to show him her "stuff" That "stuff" that she's running from.

There it is!

This certainly is a surprising turn of events for the Doctor.

The Doctor wants to know why she left her ring behind.

Well, Duh! You don't take it with you when you run away from the guy you're going to marry.

AS for who that lucky dude is...the Doctor assumes that it might be Beefcake Jeff right off the bat.

Or that other candidate. He makes the universal hand signal for "Person with a prominent Schnoz"

Amy slaps him on the arm. Yes, it's Rory!

Are we entering bizarro land again? Because Amy seems to by hitting on the Doctor at this point...asking him if he comes here often to comfort poor girls on the night before their weddings after they almost die alone in the dark.

She had a lot of time to think about who she really wants there in the dark. Do you get it, Doctor? He has no idea what she's talking about, because he's totally not on the same crazy near death experience sharing wavelength as she is right now.

In fact, he so doesn't get it that she pretty much just throws her self on top of him until he does...and he pretty much freaks out.

He tries to scramble away from her but she's all over him like a reverse cougar.

She proposes a one night stand basically and lays a kiss right on him.

Somehow this making out up against the TARDIS has brought on another Epiphany. Everything is about Amy.

Apparently Miss Amelia Pond is the key to the entire Universe. Raaawwwwr!

Close up on the clock, which has the same date as when the Crack-Splosion is supposed to happen.

Next Time!

It's Rory!

It's Venice!

It's Vampires!

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