The Paris of America


Dak Reads Les Misérables Sketches

(Presented in No Particular order)
Valjean and Javert Valjean Saves the Day Bon Jean?  Bon Jovi? Taking Crazy Pills bamatabois.gif
The Devil Came Down to Montfermeil Javert is holding a cat The Birth of a Crazy Plan Climbing the Rooftops Mother Not So Innocent
vectorvulture.png Patriotic Vulture Newsflash: Javert is NOT the Bad Guy avectorjavert.png Surprise!
Melon Jackets Knife Baby I can't Draw old People Nun-a-palooza Yo, Paris?
Corbeau and Renard This Just Got Sad Théodule rashwaistcoat.jpg mabeuf.jpg
stopmarius.jpg dandies.jpg bigmontparnasse.jpgbigbamatabois.jpg bigbahorel.jpg

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