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Ten Catchy Songs for 2010

Beware of hooks
... Yes, it's that time again where I make an official blog post! So, the year is fast coming to a close once again... Yes, I know it's only September, but by the time I make a new blog post, or finish recapping this last season of Doctor Who, it will probably be this time next year. Why not get a jump on the year end list making instead of not doing it at all? Particularly since this year has seen some of my favorite bands dropping albums left and right.

This is not a list of my favorite albums though. This is merely a list of things that have caught my ear this year, and maybe they'll catch yours too. In all likelyhood something will, since these songs have plenty of hooks!

1. Night Work - Scissor Scisters : The title track from the Scissor Sisters most excelent third album.

2. White Knuckles - OK Go : It was my favorite song from the album before it became that video with the doggies.

3. The Popular Thing - Jukebox the Ghost : This entire album is like puppies rolling around with kittens on a fluffy cloud with rainbows and unicorns flying around all over.

4. Fuck You - Cee Lo Green : For how to curse people out in the catchiest way humanly possible, I refer you to this song.

5. Cousins - Vampire Weekend : Just Vampire Weekend doing their thing.

6. Bang Pop - Free Energy : onomatopoeia are fun! They will be in your head for hours after this song.

7. I Can Talk - Two Door Cinema Club : I don't really know much about this band, but I really like the couple of songs that I've heard by them so far.

8. Fresh - Devo : Yes, they're still workin' it to this day. I've never been a giant Devo fan in the past, but I really enjoy this whole album.

9. Backstreet Lovers - The Crookes : I thought this came out last year, but Amazon tells me it was this year, so yay! I have to say I pretty much loved this song the instant I heard it a few weeks ago.

10. Told You Once - Apples in Stereo : Oh no, I have no explanation for this song. Just listen to it!

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