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Taste The Rainbow!

Title: Victory of the Daleks
Episode: 03 Season: 05
Summary: They're Baaaa--aaaack!

So, let's not pretend this week's big bad is some kind of mysterious thing of mystery like the last one. Y'know, since it was in the 'next week' preview, and also the title of this episode. I think we can be pretty ready for some Extermination to go down.

Well, we're opening up in the command room during some kind of battle. This particular operator is the focus. She says "If Wishes Were Kisses" to nobody in particular...perhaps somebody over the headset. I'm not sure. I looked this up by the way, that a regular phrase that is used while coordinating plans in the middle of a blitz?

Suck More, Human Race. I Dare You!

Title: The Beast Below
Episode: 02 Season: 05
Summary: How the Girl with a Curl is a metaphor for the Entire Human Race.

Check it out! It's some sort of floating Space UK. We must be in the future today.

Brand New Stuff

A Doctor Who Recap/Picspam

Episode: 01 Season: 05
Title: The Eleventh Hour
Summary: You can bring a Pond to the ducks, but you can't make them exist.

Well, hello, Earth! Fancy meeting you in a season premier of Doctor Who. I wonder where the TARDIS is going to be landing this time? Hmmmmmm....It's a mystery!

Wake Me When It's Over

In honour of this season of AI coming to an end... I present: If I Were an American Idol (But I'm Not Because I can't sing that well, and I'd be too lazy to audition anyway). My picks for each of the themes as if there were no list and/or restrictions to what you can sing on TeeVee (aka: This is totally self-indulgent. So there, Simon. ;) ):

Week One: Hits From the Billboard Charts
Hmmm. I'm not sure what the restrictions on this one were. Any song, ever, in any billboard chart of all time? Isn't that every song in existence?

This Totally Counts
Hey Soul Sister by Train

Why? It's catchy like a communicable disease, even if you hate it. It's not a Lady Gaga Song (Just not my thing. Sorry!), and it's not 30 to 40 years old. Believe it or not...people have listened to the radio in recent times as well. In fact...your audience probably would be more jazzed to hear a newer song, than be able to connect with a classic from the even the early 90's at this point. (You're welcome for making all of you feel old now.)

Train in Vain

Week Two: Rolling Stones Week

Out of Time

Could Be A Portent to Future Elimination Though.

Anyhows, I really like this song. The Manic Street Preachers covered it and I had no idea it was the Stones (I knew it was a cover, because the entire album was covers, but I never heard the original.)
I would dedicate it to Kara. I was sorely disappointed nobody did this song! It has DRAMATIC.STRINGS and everything! I'd bring a whole orchestra on stage to play the string section.
Week Three: Billboard #1's

The Song Starts at 2:20 FYI
Okay...we're narrowing down the field a little now. Just a little bit, since there's more than one number one per year and the top 100 has been around since, like, the forties. I will take it upon myself to narrow it to the last ten years at least for...
Hey Ya by Outkast. I would Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture. (Honestly, when coming through the charts Crazy Little Thing Called Love stuck Kudos to Tim, I guess. ;)) I would also hit some Hall and Oates. The #2 guilty pleasure act of the 80's (#1 is Air Supply for the record.)
Week Four: R&B / Soul

Take Me to The River - Al Green This is when older is better for me. Nothing beats the classic R&B sound.

Week Five: Lennon / McCartney

Bottom Row: Scorned
Okay, So no Here Comes the Sun? Fine, I shall sing a non-Beatles Lennon/McCartney penned song just to confuse everybody and be contrary. ;)

P&G: Not Just for Soap
A World Without Love as sung by Peter and Gordon

So There. ;)

Week Six: Elvis!

I have personal Experience with Kentucky Rain
They did a pretty good job picking songs this week. In the interest of doing something that wasn't actually on the show, I shall sing Kentucky Rain

Week Seven: Inspirational Songs!

I'm Not Down by the Clash
I'm Inspired Just Posting This Clip *Punches the Air*
Yeah, I'm not Down, Judges! Take that for some inspiration in your face!

This is an album track so maybe it's totally obscure. It shouldn't be. Go buy London Calling today, and thank me later! ;) PS: The Easter Bunny brought me this in my basket one year. I love my Easter Bunny!

Week Seven: Uh...Shania Twain week

Yes, Please.
I would prefer just to have country week, so I could bust out some Alt Country Faves. (I would sing Jagged by the Old 97's

I scorned this theme! Have some Old 97s instead.
As for the Shania catalog that I'm not all that familiar with: Uh...I guess I would sing That Don't Impress Me Much Maybe... I remember enjoying singing along to that one. Haha. This would be the week I'd get voted off for my lack of enthusiasm.

Week Eight: Frank Sinatra

I Might Rather Be a Fish.
Some Fish are Pretty Badd-Ass
Can't really go too wrong for song choice here. Swingin' on a Star would be my pick.

Complete With Redheaded Step-Child and German Over-Dubbing

Or Maybe High Hopes Because I can see the judges really hating that and I could tell them I just wanted to have fun. Lighten up. ;)

Week Nine: Songs of the Cinema

There was Not Enough Rockin' this Season
Of all time. Ever. In the History of Ever... Again, this is a list of pretty much every song in existence. ;)

I was going to be completely self-indulgent and pick something from the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack, but I changed my mind and picked something completely self indulgent from the Singles Sountrack.

Nearly Lost You by Screaming Trees

Dyslexic Heart by Paul Westerberg is also an acceptable answer.
Do I Hate You? Do I Date You?

And that's It!

Next Week is the Judges Pick. Hehe. I challenge you guys to come up with your own playlist, if you want. :D

And Remember, kids...There are No Boundaries!

Bonus Song: My Duet would be Don't Go Breakin' My Heart !

With Bagpipes. Why?



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