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Title: The Doctor's Wife
Season: 06 Episode: 04
Summary: It's like a soap bubble, except it's not.

We open, not in the TARDIS, but on some strange an alien planet with this young lady named Idris and her companions:

Yo-Ho-Ho! and a Bottle of WUT?

Episode 03 season 06
Title: The Curse of the Black Spot
Summary: Beware the Siren's Song.

Look everybody! Pirates!

Diplomacy? Schmiplomacy!

Title: Cold Blood

Episode: 9 Season: 5

Summary:  We're in the Center of the Earth, and there are lizard-men.

Last time...

 There were some holes, people were abducted by some lizard warriors who live deep under ground, and nobody dies today.


Enjoy the Silents

Title: Day of the Moon
Season 6 Episode 2
Summary: I don't remember what happened.

Last time: The Doctor Died...

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